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A little or a lot of help please!!!!

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it started of as a dare with me and my mate to tell the other who they fancy he told me his and i told him mine we promised not to say to anyone else and by the end of lunch 75% of my year knew who i fancied so a couple days later i asked her out and she didnt reply and a couple of days later she said no a week later she got her friend to ask me out for her but she wasnt acting serious so i thought it was a joke so i went along with it but it turned out she was serious and 3 days later dumped me. so i done the stupid thing and said it was okay because i didnt want to look like an idiot and we havent been talking for a few weeks now....... we was best friends untill this i just hope i aint messed up our friendship even though she said im like her best friend

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