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What do i dooooo

hello. its been quite a while. well each time i feel it can get more confusing i find myself in a deeper hole of mess. about 3weeks ago, my baby father showed up in my room late at night and told me he was very hot in his room and could barely sleep. way before then, we spoke just as friends nothing more.. anyway that night he made an attempt to make out with me but we had no sex up until the 3rd day. i dont really know why i gave in but a part of me just wanted him back as much as p possible and since then we have been having sex but he made it clear that he wasnt looking for anything serious at all but he wants to help me fill the void i have been experiencing because he sees am not happy but says once i am done with my education i can move on to another guy and he will move on because he doesnt see us ending up together but just wants us to be there for our child. he also says he cares about me and enjoys having sex with me because he still feels a level of connection with me. i am really frustrated about this because i clearly am still in love with him which sucks out all the energy in me. His parents think we are getting along well but what they dont know is that we are having sex without their knowledge and he also made it clear to his parents that he doesnt want anything to do with me. meanwhile as friends with benefit, i go to his roon in the afternoons to chat and he comes to my room at night. on a certain day, i sneeked through his dairy and found out that he had a dream about a woman who will be his future wife and he also laid a specification that his future wife will be very curvy and black(i am fair skinned and skinney) with a big booty.those are the qualities he wants in his future wife.but i noticed one thing.... he tells me about all his dreams and aspirations and when i talk about my future he gets really angry and for the past 4days he has been giving me attitudes and doesnt come to my room anymore. that doesnt bother me at all because i have been praying for the sexual activity to stop because i am only going to get hurt. but what i dont get is that he wants all d good stuff for himself and if i talk about mine, he believes its a mans world and i shldnt aspire high because i am a woman and he admitted to me that he sees me as a competition because i dream to big for hm and he doesnt like it. he goes to his mother to tell her stuffs like that about me and she gets angry that i am not submissive to her son that i should always shut my mouth whenever her son speaks.its like she wants me to be a dummy and wants to control my life. plss i have a feeling he might want some more booty call and i dont want him coing into my room because for the past two days he has been coming to my room at night to ask for things which are not important just to get my attention. pls i need advice desperately.. does he stiill care and pretends hes not or am i just a sex tool for convienience?

What do i dooooo

"does he stiill care and pretends hes not or am i just a sex tool for convienience?' I think you DO know, but it is painful for you to face. This BOY is immature and has a negative attitude towards women. He puts down your hopes and dreams, and builds his fantasy ones up. What kind of man does that? Are you living in his parent's home? Do you mean you have separate rooms in the same house? His mother supports him, not you. He uses you for sex. Be sure you don't get pregnant again!! Can you move out of that house?

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