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Unmarried girl loves with married man

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My Problem Is .. Asalam O Alaikum. Hope you buddies are fine but Em not fine inside my heart .. Please help me i need too much help. My name is iqra, Lived in anywhere on earth don't wanna to tell, But my problem is my love i love someone who is married .. i love him too much i can't live without him, I Know he is not suitable for me but Im trying to leave him but i can't My loved has 7childrens I don't care about their family i just need him .. I wanted be him. I Don't know Why i loves him much but :( I love him muchhhhh moreeeeee so please suggest me and yeahh he also loves me much more but my family is my main problem n my age is 16 study in 10th class I loved him since 2014,13may And He is also my related my father's cousin so :( I need help n we r live together in one home all the time we spend together :( So plzzzzz help me plzzzzz !!!

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