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Questioning myself

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LGBT advice Growing up I was a tomboy who kept to myself. I was never really one to gawk at guys and my favorite colour wasn't pink. I haven't had a relationship until I was 19. I only had two relationships and they were hetero.I felt uncomfortable when having sex with the guys I had sex with.I feel uncomfortable because I'm not sure if I could claim myself as Lesbian. I haven't been in a relationship with a women and I only experimented once when I was young. I'm just unsure of what to call myself at this point.

My question(s) would be

Is to late to claim your gay if you've been hetero relationship(s) first?

Is it normal to question your sexuality at age 24+?

Is it to soon to tell that I am what I am?

(Sorry for rambling)

Questioning myself

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Maybe you like both and somepeople not true so peolle cant feel relax in bed. I dont feel comfotable while kissing with some people also me and my boyfriend was not good together at first but we are wonderful together now i think you shoul try with a girl again.

Sorry for my bad english. It is not my mother tounge.

Questioning myself

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1. You don't "claim" you're gay. You realise and admit it. And that can happen even as late as on ones deathbed, there's no time-limit for coming out. The only time-limit concerns whether failing or refusing to come out is making you slowly miserable.

2. Yes, exceedingly. And *most* kids experiment when young. It's called 'let's play Doctors & Nurses' or, later on, 'I'm drunk, you've got lips, you'll do' (LOL).

3. After only two relationships - yes. You're a free agent so why not try dating around with both genders to give it a really good test-out until you *can* hand-on-heart say whether you're categorically This or That way inclined? I mean, let's face it, some- not men, not women - PEOPLE - can manage to turn you off their gender single-handedly! You've got to take that by whatever, even milder, degree into account when considering all the possible reasons behind why the first two guys didn't manage to light your candle, whether because of how they were or because there was a lack of mental and physical chemistry. The third (or fourth or fifth) might. But two little pootles around the block certainly aren't enough to call a test-drive, no.

(I didn't notice any rambling.)

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