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Confusing ex guy friend???

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Relationship advice Hi (all names used are fake for privacy reasons)
Recently my friend,George, decided to stop talking to me because I snapped at him. It all started a about a month ago when I was frustrated with school and I done something silly in order to catch up with work. My girl best friend, Natasha, told him what I had done and he told me off for it. I'm one who doesn't do well when someone is dicatating what I should do. I snapped at him but later apologied and took his advice.

Everything was fine up until the end of that week. He was acting extremely off and being damn right rude. Naturally I asked if he was okay and ask if i had done something wrong. Again he was being rude so I called him irritating. He proceeded to pretty much shout at me over text saying I shouldn't speak to someone annoying. I left him but later messaged him saying sorry but he shouldn't be horrible, instead talk about how he feels. Which he replied to say okay whatever and saying goodbye.

We haven't spoken since and he thinks I've been acting like a b****, that's what he told Natasha. But I went to Natasha's house and it's hot where I live so I wore a tank top and some shorts. He some how found out I was wearing this and told Natasha the next day "she shouldn't wear that type of clothing" what does that tell you?
Also he's been commenting on my new style (like the clothes I wear and my hair) again saying all this to Natasha.

I kind of resent Natasha because if she had not told George about what I had done maybe this could have been avoided. I would have told George but I don't think it was Natasha's place to do so

Confusing ex guy friend???

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This whole thing sounds like it's been simmering for a while. Threesome friendships are hard to balance, if there's jealousy. You do know that this is snowballing into something bigger than the original incident, don't you?

Time to step back from BOTH of them and stop paying attention to all these side comments that only serve to make this an even bigger thing.

Sounds like there's too much "togetherness" here with your threesome, anyway.

How about your original "apology." HOW did you do that? Did you state what you actually did, or just say "sorry, I was a B . . tch." And, yes, your "friend" Natasha sounds like she's enjoying all this extra attention from George and driving you away from the threesome.

Time to evaluate your relationship with both of them.

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