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Married by accident

So here's my problem. I just married with this guy for a week now, the reason behind our marriage is because I was pregnant. I barely knew this guy because I just met him on January and we're not dating or plan to, we contact each other just for a booty call only. But I keep this thing going because I have feeling for him. Then I found out I was pregnant and my parents push him to marry me. He told me he's not ready but suddenly after our parents meet each other he agree to marry me. Short story, we got married and he stay at my place now, but after few days he leave and said he gotta go take some more clothes. He never contact me or text me or whatever, I try to text him etc but he always the one who didn't reply. He only contact my mother via whatsapp, like what he's doing, when will he go back, or telling me to take care etc but never ever contact me first. Like now, he already leave for 3 days and he not even texting me anything, he just chatting with my mother only (in my opinion he just being polite with her). I'm so confused right now. I don't know whether to keep this going or not. And after our marriage we sleep together but he never touching me, I try to cuddle with him but nothing happen.

Married by accident

Having random sex aka: booty call has a major side effect called "bring unwanted children into the world" I see the marriage as a"shot gun wedding" Which is when the guy is pressured into marriage for appearance sake to protect the family image. He is not emotional connection with you and the baby because this was just "sex" for him nothing more. Some woman associate sex with emotional feeling and confuse sex as love. While men just want to get in your pants. When you say "I don't know whether to keep this going or not" Do you mean dissolve the marriage? If you keep everything REAL you should not be confused. As you said "I barley knew this guy and we're not dating or plan to" This is your REALITY. Nothing has changed for him not so for you- more than likely you will raise your baby as a single mother with your family support and hopefully support from his family. Good Luck.

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