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Dating married man, 8 years

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Relationship advice There is so much I need to say but I will start with this..I am looking in love with a married man who made it clear, he won't leave his family and he will stay with me as long as I agree.. never any talks about our future..not one overnight, in fact we haven't Been on a dated in ,18 month s. I see him once a week we hang have sex.. let me be clear, I am bipolar and have had money issues depressed periods, I don't bring much to the table.. but he stays. I can't gage if I'm really being mistreated. he's my best friend my only friend.

Dating married man, 8 years

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What's going on with you and this man is just wrong on every level.

Reminder To You and All Woman -Universal Girl Code: Keep Your Legs Closed to Married Men"

He has made it clear that he's won't be leaving his family for you. For the last 8 years he's kept his promise. He has not spent one overnight and in the past 18 months the only place he has taken you to is your front door. You said "never any talks about our future" I'm guessing this is your future. He promised to stay with you as long as you agreed, and you did.

"I don't bring much to table" I think you bring quite a bit to his table. Does he help you out financially?
Your question is you can't gauge if your'e being mistreated, I think you mistreated yourself when you traded your self respect to be his "Hoe- with- no-Benefits
I don't think you really want to end this arrangement- I do think you should re-negotiate the contract to "Friends with Benefits.

Are you getting counseling for your bipolar and depression?

Dating married man, 8 years

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PS:When you said "never any talks about our future" Whatever you are willing to put up with, endure, tolerate is your choice, at least be clear about your reality which he has MADE clear "There will be no future with him" I said you're his HOE-With-No-Benefits rather than his mistress, side chick,booty call which are all one and same was to get your attention. Your thread title "Invisible" is what you have become.

You deserve your own man who loves you equally, you deserve what his wife has a husband (but one that's not and adulterer)
Oh how old are you? You have given all control of you and how this arrangement will work. Do you think you are capable of gaining some control?

Dating married man, 8 years

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Hi there,

I think you are losing out on a relationship where you are loved and cared about by staying with this man. The worst thing is that you beat yourself up by saying you are not bringing anything to the table. And that is not because you don´t have anything to offer to a man in any relationship, but because you are in a relationship that does not allow you to offer anything.

He loves his family. Enough at least to tell you straight he is not leaving you.

The only reason I could think for you to stay in this relationship is because you think that because of your psychological issues, nobody else is going to see anything worthy in you, and that is just plain sad.

This man is not acting as your friend. I can tell you that, because if he respected you and appreciated you he wouldn´t have to hide you.

Do you really want all the problems that will come up if his wife finds out? or worse, His kids? What if you get pregnant?

This is a recipe for disaster. I think if you value him as a friend, go out more. Meet some new people. Talk to them about your problems. Deal with yourself. Love yourself first.

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