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Coworker problems

Okay so. I am currently married with 2 children. I am 26 and work for a school making lunches in a main kitchen. There are drivers who take the food from the kitchen to schools. Well one of those men are my crush. My husband and i have been arguing and fighting every day about amything i do that he does not agree with for instance i am not aloud to even say hello to a man in my work environment and that is so controlling he wants me to do everything he says. I want to seperate but dont know how to tell him he is like my bestfriend but im just not in love with him but i dont want to hurt him and i dont want to be alone. I have beem supporting this family since 2010 and he just got a job and started supporting us in 01.16 i feel like i dont want to leave because of that i dont know. But this man at my work has me wanting to more than ever... We have always talked since he started working and little flirtations but does he like me back tell me. He has said to me he doesnt like perfume but what im wearing he does. He has told me he got seperated and is single now. He makes scenarios example. One our coworkers is having an affair he said. If that was me and for instance i was with (cooke) i would tell my significant other i like someone else he also used me as an example of old ladies saying if they were single they would do him ... He said if that was me i would say if she was single od do her ( cooke) than we will throw things at eachother pretend to un into eachother and than the conversation about how he used to pamper his woman w.e she wants and now to i asked if he drank his coffee black he said i like my coffee like i like my woman ( by the way im white and hispanic ima mutt do im like a creamed coffee lol) i said oh really didnt see that coming he said no no never im jk i was like good lol. Later someone asked about his coffee cup i made a lil joke he likes it black and i winked at him and than he looked at me and said no i like it with a lil cream in it a lighter color and smiled at me whem he walked away. I know its so little but cause im crushing hard is he crushing back but standoffish cause of my marriage... Help i feel like im fallin for him and idk what to do

Coworker problems

First of all, the affair is not the reason to break up your marriage. I know what I am telling. I was divorced and now married again. My ex wrenched me much, I FELT that I MUST leave him. I could not be with him. So when I had met my present husband I left my ex without hesitation. I am strongly convinced that breaking up is a last-ditch method. Maybe it sounds grotesque, but if you WANT your coworker, have a sex with him and forget your affair.

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