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My wife kissed a friend, while i was away

Dear Forum, I am a husband to a beautiful woman, who has given me 2 wonderful children. After many years, she confesses on a long ago trip to visit her family, she had a night of drinking and kissing with an old flame. I am distraught over finding out now- when it did happen she came home and told me a separate story, of how he tried kissing her, but she said No. Now, into the future the story is not the same. It hurts me that I wasn't man enough in her life then, to prevent her from it...I guess just another peoples problem

My wife kissed a friend, while i was away

How did the confession come up the first time? Now years later and her version shows she willing participant. Yet you're the one who feels you let her down. Wrong she betrayed you and put your marriage in jeopardy. So give a few more details has she gone back to see her family lately?

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