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Meet a older man online just for sex?

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S-e-x advice Hi, i'm a 16y/o girl. I want to lose my virginity as soon as possible, because all my friends have lost it already.
But i have very low selfesteem, and have never had a boyfriend...
So i wanna lose it soon as possible, and i've sexcamed this guy i found on omegle. He told me he lived not far away from me so maybe we could meet up and do it uknow? But the problem is he's 45 and i feel kind of disgusted. Like i'm gonna regret it. I don't know what to do... A part of me want to just get away of the virginity and a part of me want to keep it to someone special...
i feel like such a idiot.

Meet a older man online just for sex?

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Don't do it.

[1] Ask yourself the following questions: do I know enough about sex? Do I know safe measures of contraception and can freely use them? Am I ready for the unexpected consequences of an intercourse, such as sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy? Am I ready to have an abortion/give birth? If you answer 'no' to any of those questions - don't do it.

[2] Stop looking at your friends. You haven't checked their pants, they might as well be lying to seem 'cool', and even if they don't - so what? Why would YOU care about THEIR sex life, and visa versa? Also, believe me, when you're 16 it seems like your friendship will last forever. Trust me it won't. In 5 years you'll be suffering from the decision you made under the pressure from people you now have nothing to do with. The decision to have sex must be yours and yours only, and you MUST be prepared for this. Otherwise nothing good happens.

[3] Your partner is the most important part of the 'sex thing'. It's not WHAT you're doing, it's WHOM you are doing it with. Statistically, first time usually hurts. Unless you can trust your partner, be open about what you feel physically and emotionally, unless you have some control over them and can say 'stop' any moment, don't do it. Nothing is worse than first time that hurts like hell, or something worse. Imagine if you're not feeling that well and need to go slower, or stop it altogether - will that person you don't even now listen to you? How can you know it won't turn into rape if you say 'no' but he doesn't feel like stopping?

Remember, there is NOTHING in sex until you're having it with someone you love/like/want. If for you it's just a way to lose your virginity - don't do it. If you're THAT desperate about it, use a dildo and do it yourself. Boom. Job done. You can now tell tales about that beautiful young prince you had sex with if you want to. This way you can also learn about your body and will be able to navigate your partner when 'actual' sex happens.

[4] And finally, if you're not sure for whatever reason - don't do it. If it doesn't feel like the right thing to do - don't do it. I you feel you will regret it - don't do it. Trust yourself, and don't force yourself into places you don't want to be.

Meet a older man online just for sex?

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Don't do it, first of all your still to young and you want it to be special not with some old pathetic pervert. Be smart and stop following these little rachet girls who thin k sleeping around is the thing to do. finish school get a hobby and your low self esteem issues will get better I promise think positive and pray for guidance... Good luck young grasshoppa lol :)

Meet a older man online just for sex?

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totally agree with Warhorse and Bear0161 : take their advice - don't get yourself in some messed up situation with a guy who gets all steamy on young girls and who roams the internet looking to find naïve and gullible girls like you : you are worth more then that

what do you care about others opinions - especially in such matters as intimacy : you are the one to know what you're worth and with whom you want to share of yourself - listen to your gut - not your heart - not your libido - not your head : your gut feeling will always tell you what's best for you

as for self-esteem issues - if you take the road of giving yourself away easily - you will only end up being disgusted with yourself - self-esteem is build on what YOU know is best for you - on what YOU know are your values, bottom lines and conditions - not for others but for you because when YOU know what you will stand for and what not - then you can very quietly and calmly say "no thanks" or say nothing and walk away and do you - not what others say you should do - then you don't need to get all worked up with how to fit in with your "friends" (are they really your friends - do they wish the best for you ?) and get influenced by opinions they have in the moment on this or that or whatever

the more you know yourself - the better - and yes - you can discover yourself sexually with your fingers or a dildo : that too will give you "power" over yourself in that you know yourself better (physically but also psychologically and emotionally) - thus are more able to take up a deal or not - to say yes or no - you do not depend on another to make you happy - you do not depend on a man for you to become a woman : you can reveal yourself to yourself :)

Meet a older man online just for sex?

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I'm not convinced that you aren't trolling, but here goes:

Consider the legal implications of what you are "offering" to this (dirty, old) man.

Feel bad now - just wait.

Meet a older man online just for sex?

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Dont you think its better to wait til your teenage mind is thinking straight.
My dear, trust me, not many women are happy loosing their virginity to the wrong men, that very old man is fit to be your dad and above all, his not taking you any where.
My advise is wait , take your time and reflect on how you would love to feel about the man you loose it to and your emotions after loosing it.
Trust me, you will hurt yourself for a very long while for no good reason.
concentrate on your studies and try to ignore peer pressure from controlling you.
A man who really loves you will take you and marry you even when you are a virgin. virginity is a treasure.
But even that old man! uh , why would he be in a hurry to fuck a child. Think about that my dear, that guy is very irresponsible. possibly he has taken away many girls' virginity already, RUN AWAY FOR YOUR SAFETY. DONT GIVE IN. KEEP THAT TREASURE FOR SOME ONE YOU LOVE WHEN YOU ARE OLDER. READ YOUR BOOKS AND MAKE YOUR PARENTS PROUD. SEX IS NOT EVERYTHING. ITS A FEW MINUTES PLEASURE THAT IS GONE IN A BLINK BUT LEAVES LOTS OF WOUNDS AND SOME OTHER THINGS THAT YOU MAY NOT WANT TO HEAR NOW. STAY SAFE.

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