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I gained 130lbs while pregnant

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S-e-x advice I took ritalin/adderall my entire life but stopped last year because my husband and I wanted a baby. I got pregnant almost immediately after. My metabolism was shot from the amphetamines. The weight packed on so fast. I was eating very little and still gaining tons of weight (40lbs). After 5 months the MD put me on bedrest, during 4 months of bedrest I gained 90lbs. I was so depressed and ashamed. I can't even look at myself in the mirror.

Once the baby was born I made myself walk 15,000 steps a day. I've been working out for at least 45 minutes at the YMCA (they let you bring the baby) everyday. I've lost 60lbs in 5 months. But I'm still up 70lbs. I'm feel so sick and ashamed. My arms and thighs look like hams. My stomach has over 100 stretch marks. My belly dangles below my c-section scar. My husband stares at my fat body with disgust. He told me the other day he couldn't have sex with me because I was too disgusting. He apologized right away. But I don't know if our marriage will ever be the same. We haven't had sex since I was on bedrest, almost a year ago. I'm so lost..

I gained 130lbs while pregnant

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'I've lost 60lbs in 5 months."

Wow! that's really something. Keep up the good work!!

PS - your husband is acting like a jerk. - an insensitive jerk.

I gained 130lbs while pregnant

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sorry hes not being supportive. But keep up the good work. You are already half way there. Losing weight is soo hard. Its eaiser putting weight on then it is to lose it. Great job beautiful!!

I gained 130lbs while pregnant

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Wow I can totally relate to this minus the pregnancy part. But this may have answered my own question about why I have gained the same amount of weight you did. I at one point had a drug problem and it was amphetamines. After quitting them I started gaining weight more and more and it just would not stop for the first year after quitting them.I have not even been overeating either. I was not on them very long it was a little over a year that I used them. My husband sometimes does bring up my weight whenever we get into a heated argument and whenever I undress in front of him lets just say he does not seem interested in what he sees since I gained all this weight. He'll tell me I look fine but I know he is unattracted to the way my body looks now and I can understand why. I have never been this overweight in my life and I hate it. I have PCOS and thyroid disease making it all the more difficult to lose weight. I cant help but wonder if the drug use destroyed my metabolism causing all this weight gain. I can't even get pregnant because of the hormone problems. I seldom have a period even. This mess has made me feel like nothing but a fat freak and I hate it. I am tired of running into people I knew back before I gained all this weight and have to hear " what happened" "you used to be so skinny". Yeah well my good looks got destroyed and I am not even 30 years old yet! I may as well be 80! I have no sex drive either anymore.

I gained 130lbs while pregnant

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Oh, really, you two? Then how do you explain the ever-male-popular pin-up Dawn French! Answer: CONFIDENCE. She's lost weight recently, but at the time she appeared perfectly comfortable with her weight and, more importantly, always had a cheeky grin on her (highly expressive) face.

If you're fat then one of the ways of dealing with it is to become a Diva, like Dawn. Wear pretty, flamboyant clothes (including that show a quite a lot of eye-catching pendant is a must) instead of trying to bother hiding your shapes with (basically) sacks - baggy trousers and long, baggy sweat- or t-shirts - which actually just make your body look bigger than it is and SQUARE-shaped on top, and put greater effort into your hair and make-up so that your face, hair and cleaveage together are what strike first. There are a surprisingly high number of men out there who literally GO CRAZY over big, fleshy women, the bigger, the better - you'd fall of your chair if you knew how many (there's a whole damn industry catering to them!).

Once your husbands catch these other men eyeing you up (and men always-always notice that sort of thing where women tend not), I'm sure they'll get their enthusiasm back, don't you worry.

Also, have you never heard of the word, doctor? Or referral?

And then there's, going to your local health food shops and asking the staff about natural and homeopathic metabolism-raisers with fat-burning properties. There are many.

These, for example, are known to have the equivalent effect of a thermogenic or cardiomuscular work-out in terms of quickly and significantly burning fat by making your metabolism shoot RIGHT up in record time:

Whey Protein
Psyllium Husk
Turkey (without skin) and other lean meats (iron decifiency slows metabolism)
Chilli peppers (for the capsaisin - a metablolic 'turbo')
Egg Whites
Water (for better food processing)
Green Tea

As to your "mother's apron", NURSECAITLIN - again, talk your GP. Explain it and the weight gain is not only affecting your confidence but your marital relations, and ask about a consultant referral with a view to a tummy tuck. Do NOT go in with a stiff upper lip, be honest and cry hard in front of him/her if that's how you feel, so that he or she can see the extent of the affect it's been having on you.

I gained 130lbs while pregnant

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I so love seeing the post, your husband is acting like an insensitive jerk. First, you are doing so well, do it for you, not for him. I worked with a fella who said he liked "comfortable" women, his wife was one. So follow the advice from the above post and dress to kill, as far as cleavage, don't let it all hang out as I've seen some women, I don't believe in flaunting to that extent just because you have it. Don't let anyone discourage you, most of all hubby, some men sabotage a wife's effort and bring home all the goodies and treats they love, knowing they can't resist. If your husband is compassionate, he'd exercise, bike, swim with you, it certainly won't hurt him and it will help you and your confidence and he'll see you making the effort.

Plus, ask doctor for copies of how medications can throw your metabolism out of whack, you didn't do this to yourself on purpose. Good luck, stay on track.

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