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Relationship advice i have been dating a guyi met back in 2014 but late in 2015, he just stopped talking to me and i assumed maybe it was over though i really loved him and still do love him,

he then begun forcefully talking to me after i let go and i responded. but at that time,i realised that he was travelling and possibly sleeping with some woman in another country. i told him my mind and he insisted on wanting to meet me and so on but all was a lie because he later sent me a text that he doesnt want a second chance. i told him its ok and wish him luck but seems everytime i tell him its ok he can go away and date someone else, he can not think that i mean it and after a few weeks he writes back to me asking how i am, where i am, what i am doing, all those kind of questions but i ignore because i dont want to be hurt again.

this kind of unexpected communication happens frequently but because i still believe that he may be a cheater and has been cheating even when dating me, i tend to guard myself.

recently, he approached me asking to meet, sex and all those kind of things.wants dirty chats and pictures of his cock and so on which he used not to send me while we were fully dating.i thought he was serious maybe this time round but 5 days later, his other woman posts a picture of them together online and he keeps liking these pictures with love hearts. i am confused and dont know what this man wants from me. one time he is so nice and sweet to me and everything just goes wrong the other day or the other woman posts compromising pictures of them online and this is hurting because he can not confess that he is dating and denies it when i bring it up. i dont know what to do or say this time around because, i really loved this man and still do but maybe he is a man who loves to sleep around where ever he goes to and meets a woman who can give him sex.

i need to be peacefull and happy and not cheated on by my partner. does he just want sex form me?

i need advise on what to do about this man


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Yes, you may love this guy but he's a user and a guy who's taking advantage of you and your emotions. He may mature in the future but for now, he totally hopeless at any sort of a commitment or relationship. You need to understand that you are just part of his little game and that by your actions of responding to him, you become one of the active players in his game. In other words, he controls you to your detriment.

You need to block him out of your life completely to have any peace from him. You don't need to wish him well, in fact, you don't need to talk to him at all full stop. While you communicate with him, you enable him, and you make yourself miserable and confused at the same time.

You state in your post of what you need in a partner and what makes you happy, but this guy's a long way from being capable of meeting your needs or any other self respecting woman's needs for the matter.


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Thank you for the advise, i think you are very right about what ever you wrote and i appreciate that and will just go ahead and block him out of my life. indeed he doesn't need any luck, he should get what he deserves because no one is any body's toy.

thank you again.

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