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i dont know if i am the only one who ever tried online dating and actually meets some one you feel is 100 percent a match for you right from age, future desires, religion, physical appearance and attraction.
i did meet this guy from another country but its 2 hours drive from his city to my city in another country where i live. so basically we are 2hours apart.
we met some time in march last year and he gave me his contact and asked for mine and we could usually talk for hours on viber but dude is this guy who has guts to talk to me then shut up for days. actually it was planned that he drives to me and we meet then if all is good, during that summer i would move to him because, we really hit it off well BUT, i dont know if guy is just married to lies or his just a lazy guy in general. i know we women tend to invest a lot of time in someone if u like them. so once in a while i texted "hello"and he would reply with a few words or so, so at some point i asked him why he doesn't come to meet me. he aid his busy, tired from work, blah blah, so i suggested i could drive to him if his lazy to drive but dude would give wired excuses like, i am tired, my car back door cant open, cleaning woman coming over, weird just. after that, ran out of patience and blocked him but karma is wired, i think when he realized i blocked him he went back on the same dating site and i happened to join it too again and saw his profile and he contacted me again and he begins his same smooth talk.i told him look, a relationship doesn't work on internet, a child is not born through sending text messages and two people cant grow to love themselves just through talks on phone. then he said he will try his best to come over to meet. the truth is i lack interest in this guy any more but i am just wondering, what makes guy to behave like goats because i have no other explanation to his behavior and why 2hours is a huge problem for him even after i offered to go meet him? weird thing is he still texts me and so on. what does he want?


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I couldn't help but to read your blog on your guy that you've been dating since March of this year. I came on this site to talk to someone with the exact problem and I started reading your article. I met this guy on, and I am going through the same thing as you except for the part that I ignored red flags because I feel so comfortable with him and we met on April 3, 2016, and started talking on Viber as well.

We call eat other, but no video chatting, and we have great chemistry together and I thought at first maybe he's having a bad day. I'm a Scorpio and he's a Cancer, single dad and I've spoke to his son on the phone many times. But lately, we fuss at each other and we have that toxic, go away comeback syndrome and I'd like to think I'm not wasting my time with him and vice versa, but he's very possessive. I changed my cell number and in 5 hours he found me and I even blocked him on Viber. How, I don't know. His mood swings are giving me whiplash and I'm no peach either.

I guess I'd like to ask you Wondering, if, How much do you know about your guy? And does he know more about you than you know about him?
Trying to compare notes with my situation, but I'm just as Confused as before. Lol. This will be my first long distance relationship and it's very hard that's for sure. It's not easy.
Well message me back when you can and maybe we can help one another. Have a great night.
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My dear,
thanks for replying on my issue and yes i would be glad to discuss this with you.
i have known this guy from march 2014 til now as write to you.
as far as i can recall, i know almost 80% of who he is and he knows possibly that same much about me. but with this on and off situation and his busy busy syndrome, i kind of keep a distance now days and dont waste time texting or even asking how he is coz i know how it usually ends.truthful,i can not lie, i do like this guy coz we are both Christians, never married, interested in having kids as soon as we find the right partners,come from perfect families, highly educated, love sporting, physically fit and he is one hell of a catch but, of late i had to put all that at the back of my mind and forget like i ever met such a perfect creature. so basically,now i have a mind of "its up to him and i don't care if he ever comes to me or not coz i am tired of these empty promises that end up in disappointments". i even told him that its up to him but if i dare meet and good man who has my time, then i will not be ok with having him loitering around my life and texting me. eventually,now the ball is in his hands and i dont care at all, so he has nothing on me coz i tried my best and he can never say i didnt want him or didnt try to do my best! and now that i really dont care, he tries chating chating but trust me, my replies are so demoralizing because all is say is " yes,no, good, hi" and thats a bad sign in a relation of friendship.letting go is hard but necessary sometimes and thats my best medicine for now unless he physically changes it.


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Hi-MERCY: You're pursuing him and it should be the other way around.. Mr. Excuse "My car back door can't open( What???) cleaning lady coming over" I don't think it's a matter of being lazy as much as he's being deceptive. You're instincts were right and you should continue to block him..

What does he want? to waste your time- a Man who does not pursue you is not that interested because if he was he'd be there.. ALSO REMEMBER: "WHEN A PERSON SHOWS YOU WHO THEY ARE BELIEVE THEM THE FIRST TIME"

TO CONFUSED: You say "I ignore the red flags because I feel so comfortable with him" How much time have you spent with him? I'm a little uneasy about how he found out your new cell phone..

Red Flags are like Red Lights: STOP address the issues.


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Thanks for the advise, and you are right, red flags are like red lights and sure blocking and ignoring should be the best solution for me now.

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