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Any advices for my friends with broken relationship to fix it?

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I'm 15 years old. and I have two friends Ronald (15 years old too) and Emily (13 years old) Ronald and Emily are couple actually. But in long distance relationship. Because Ronald is in Philippines, Emily is in United Kingdom. So they just chat using Skype. But they are in war actually which leads them to breakup to their relationship. This war is yet unfixed which is started at March 2016. And I want them to reconcile again. What I ask is how will I going to fix this war between them. I'm in nobody's side. I'm in neither Ronald's side nor Emily's side. I'm in the middle and I want to bring the, peace, justice and harmony to each of them. I will first show you the characteristics of my two friends Ronald and Emily. ------------------- Ronald is actually a cute yet kind lad. He is sensitive. Emotional not meant to be mean if he is mean. Positive is everything is fixed but negative is he has problems. I will show you his characteristics. Based on 400 point Questionaire he take he is shy. He is loud and nice. He is quiet and mean when insulted even jokingly. He is emotional and sensitive. He is caring but dangerous is he is angry. He is crazy but can be funny. He is sweet, and sharing and responsibile. He is trustworthy. And open-minded. Creative and cute. Can be smart can be dumb. He is classy and can be dependable. He can be pervert and silly. Sometimes a fighter but not a party animal. Now let's move on to Emily. However she didn't take the tests. So I don't know her pros and cons but I will tell you her negative traits based on one of my friends. She is also kind yet shy girl however she is easily angered girl. Based on the 400 point questionaire that she answered. She is shy. She is loud she is used to someone. She tries to be nice. She is quiet. She doesn't try to be mean but if she is mean, she doesn't meant to be mean. She is emotional and sensitive. She is weak as she says. But she is caring but she is dangerous with a knife. She is also crazy and spontaneous. She thinks she is funny and she's sweet. She is sharing but not all the time. She is sweet but irresponsible. She is trustworthy. She is also open-minded. Really? She is creative, cute, smart and can be a dumb. She is dependable, but messy yet neat but not perverted. She is silly yet not a b****. She tries to be a good listener. She is sometimes a fighter but not a party animal. Now I will tell you Emily's bad side. Based on what my friends say. She is very unfair she can't stop people from talking. She is unreasonable, mean, hardheaded. she is refusing to accept the truth. Because she is harsh, and she is pushing my friends away. Being hostile and rude. She has no empathy at all, and she doesn't give a damn shit of how hurt Ronald is. She is acting immature and always thinking she is right when she is not. She is also very stubborn when it comes to accepting the advice of others. Emily doesn't want to listen to anyone. She is unpredictable Emily is acting totally immature, and much of a annoying brat. She won't ever stop being against my friends. She makes a big drama out of everything. She just wants damn attention to herself, and she thinks she is important. And that is why she is losing friends, because of her sour and hypocritical attitude. I even consider making peace with her. But Emily makes it so impossible to try! She seems to get upset about every little thing for no good reason, such as pitching a fit because Steven Universe was on hiatus, complaining that people would comment on her adoptables but not buy, heck, she even complained to her friends about various things, such as closing free requests (Even though she didn’t want one herself), missing an adoptable she wanted, and not tagging her! ----------------------------------------- Now let's see the problem and the cause of it. It's because of the roleplay (making a story through chatting and imagining) Emily accused it as sexual. And Emily say that Ronald is forcing her. But Ronald didn't actually. The content of Ronald's roleplay with her was romance. And yes it has hugging, kissing scenes. Let's talk about Ronald's bath and shower or naked roleplay with Emily. Is there anything wrong if they roleplay hugging and kissing naked? Well Ronald and my other friends think it's not sexual if it didn't have sexual intercourse. A shower in itself is a very personal act. It is a daily routine that is undergone in one’s own privacy. To shower together is to break down this barrier of private space and get closer to each other. As they lather each other with foam, they re-learn about each other’s body—the curves, the shapes and where it tickles. A shower together can be very intimate and relaxing, or full of tension, or both. and simple, the shower is ideal for setting a romantic mood. The feeling of warm water and the pleasant scents of body washes and soaps creates a wonderful sensory experience. Add to that the close proximity of each other’s bodies and one thing can very easily lead to another. For example, instead of hurrying through their shower or focusing only on cleansing yourself while they're in there together, consider gently caressing each other's body with a soapy sponge and let their imaginations go from there. First off sleeping naked is quite freeing both physically and psychologically. Baring yourself while they sleep with each other builds trust both physically (oxytocin is thanked for this) and psychologically. The act of sleeping naked is simply sexy and appealing to your partner. That skin to skin feeling also makes Ronald and Emily feel sexy. Skin on skin contact releases the hormone oxytocin which increases the feelings of comfort. Oxytocin has other benefits as well like increasing feelings of trust, reduces blood pressure. Of course healthy partners are happy partners. Sleeping naked has been scientifically proven to improve health. Being close to your partner and cuddling while you sleep is actually beneficial your health. Sleeping naked is also fun. What better way to end the day than to be skin to skin with each other. It is an intimate way to sleep and will make Ronald and Emily feel closer to each other. The skin to skin contact is a great way to get that intimate alone time that they cannot get anywhere else. There have been nights when we go to bed exhausted and yet Ronald and Emily are naked. Through out the night we are touching a feeling each other. As long as they did not having sexual intercourse (Inserting willy to pussy) Sleeping naked cannot be sexual. Just hugging, kissing, and loving and romantic Lovetime. Remember Conversation, cuddle up, sleep, affection, spend time, kick it, attention, security, loyalty, love, and intimacy is all what couple requires. She must never mind it because it was just her boyfriend who roleplay that and it is the nature of the couple Then Ronald also roleplays massaging scenes to Emily. Especially when they're naked in the roleplay. Well if relationship is begging for some romance, a massage is the perfect remedy. Candles, dim lighting, soft music, massage oil, exposed flesh, bodies close together… Offering your partner a body rub is a giving, selfless act that will make them melt with gratitude and seriously ups the romantic ante in their love life. Trust is a crucial part of any romantic relationship, and one of those things Ronald and Emily can never have too much of. Trust requires ongoing work, and one of the best ways to achieve it is through massage and gentle touch, which has been proven to supercharge the trusting bond between couples. Every massage has that one point where your partner's body simply gives in. If you're tuned in enough, you'll notice it happen as if you've flicked a light switch. That moment where they fall into deep relaxation and melt under the rhythmical motion of your hands is the moment you've gained their complete trust. It's a powerful moment to share. Becoming putty in your partner's hands and likewise, having them surrender to you in the same unquestioning way, is a beautiful, comforting experience that has far-reaching benefits through your entire relationship. The massage you get from your partner and the massage you get from a professional massage therapist should be two very different things. As lovers, you can take full advantage of the intimacy a massage can create between two people. Intimacy is about being emotionally close to another person, and – despite popular belief - it is not an automatic occurrence in a relationship. Intimacy needs to be carefully and continuously cultivated between Ronald and Emily. Intimacy is about being vulnerable and still feeling safe. It's formed in private moments, through shared experiences. One of the most important ways to nurture this intimate connection is to spend time alone together as a couple, concentrating on each other. This could be in any number of ways, though massage is an extremely effective way to achieve it.When they massage, they are focusing your absolute attention (right down to your hands) on each other in a private space, alone together. Intimacy begets intimacy – try it and watch your connection to your partner skyrocket. She must never mind the her boyfriend Ronald touches her naked body including her breast. because it was just her boyfriend who roleplay that and it is the nature of the couple In short couples who rub each other's completely naked body, hugging naked, kissing naked and cuddling naked expresses deeper level of romantic love. It will express more and more intimacy to each other. It's a nature of a couple in a relationship. It is allowed to Ronald and Emily even in their current age as long as Ronald didn't inserts his willy to Emily's pussy. My friend Sarah and Alex did that too though they are just 13 years old. She must never mind it because it was just her boyfriend who roleplay that and it is the nature of the couple. Though Ronald just roleplay those things with Emily just once in a week. Ronald is just seeing the preview of him and his girlfriend Emily when they're adult or after getting married. That's why Ronald roleplays like that. And it's a good thing that in this time they are not doing it in real. It's just a roleplay. Well one of Emily's friends say that Emily does sexual roleplays with her. I don't know if this is true or not. And she also did naked Roleplays to Sarah twice. As in they are naked in the roleplay. Well if she did that to the fellow girl why she didn't do it with her boyfriend Ronald? That's unfair of her. She must give Ronald that equal right for he was her boyfriend. Now let's see about Emily's accusation to Ronald of showing her nude pics. Ronald just sending love scene pics. So sometimes it was meant to be naked. What Ronald sender to her was his drawings of Ronald and Emily kissing in shower, sleeping together in the bath, and sleeping in bed naked draped with sheets. Well Emily say she is open minded but she's not actually. Are all nude paintings sexual? Not all. I think Emily thinks that the painting "Birth of Venus", Francisco de Goya's "Maja in Nude", Henri Matisse's "Dance" and Edvard Munch's "Puberty" sexual. Well are they sexual? Are portraits showing bare shoulders or bare chest or other seem-to-be-naked pics sexual like,,,,,,, or Is the parts of the body chart where a picture is either in underwear or naked sexual? Well according to my friends it doesn't always meant to be sexual. They are feelings and nature of the artists. It's nature that couples see nude love photos even seldomly. Her friend Spid say that Ronald send Emily a drawing of Ronald and Emily having Sexual Intercourse well in fact Ronald didn't drew those things. He only drew himself and Emily hugging and kissing in shower completely naked. Sleeping in bath and sleeping naked with sheets. She must never mind it because it was just her boyfriend who roleplay that and it is the nature of the couple. Now let's see about the dating roleplays of Ronald and Emily. She say she doesn't like it because it was boring. Well Ronald roleplays romance and dating with Emily. The example of it was the prom roleplay. She say they are out of style. So Emily doesn't like it. Why? Because she is not in to romantic roleplays. She's more in actions. But Ronald doesn't like actions. He is more on romance and adventures. Yeah he roleplays fighting scenes but not as much as the action movie does. Roleplaying is the only way for them to date. For they are far from each other. That's nature of the couple. Now let's see some question Ronald constantly asks her. Emily says it was annoying. These questions was asking Emily what is she wearing, colour of pyjamas she's wearing, her breakfast lunch and dinner. And what she is doing. Well is there any wrong about those questions. No. Just because Ronald ran out of questions so he just randomise his questions to them. That's the usual questions every call and chat has. Now let's move on to the questions Emily says they're awkward. It's means personal yet private questions. Ronald asks Emily about her way of showering and bathing. And also sleeping in summer. Well Emily say she sleeps wearing only her underwear during hot nights. Emily say that she prefer bubble bath. And she say too that she turned off lights and light candles while bathing. And Ronald asks details about it. Well she say she was uncomfortable when Ronald asks questions like that. Emily say to Ronald to stop asking those questions. And Ronald say to Emily to stop sleeping in just undies. But Emily say she will not and he can't force her for its her free will. If that was her free will then it was Ronald's free will to ask personal questions to Emily. That's for fairness. Well this phenomenon was like curiosity. Where Ronald is anxious and very much worried yet curious or eager or confident or excited to see or know about his girlfriend Emily being naked in darkness or lather covering Emily's completely naked body or naked Emily completely submerge in the water or foam in bath or Emily sleeping naked or just in undies or Emily being bullied striked, punched and kicked completely naked by the bullies. That's why he is constantly but not always asking her those personal questions to her. I don't know what psychological condition is this Ronald had but a psychologist will answer it. This psychological condition is also a reason why Ronald roleplays naked roleplays with Emily. She must never mind it because it was just her boyfriend who roleplay that and it is the nature of the couple. One thing was Emily told to Sarah the way she bathe and it's unfair if it is for girls only this talking the stuff but the boyfriend is not allowed. Well that's unfair. Emily must include just his boyfriend because it as just his boyfriend, not ordinary or common lads. Remember. Boyfriend is more special than ordinary lads. Now let's move on to the situation where Emily accused Ronald on copying her. Well Ronald is just fitting to her world to make their relationship last forever. And like playing her games which is Minecraft or roblox. Well Ronald just afraid of being missed the fun or left behind in the games Emily played. He's trying to change just for Emily. She must never mind it because it was just her boyfriend who roleplay that and it is the nature of the couple. Emily must copy Ronald too in everything for better. In last time the Alex is talking to Emily. She say she won't mind of Ronald roleplaying naked roleplays to her, asking silly questions or constant questions and somewhat copying her because it as just his boyfriend, not ordinary or common lads. Remember. Boyfriend is more special than ordinary lads. But days after. She say that she mind it. So Alex convinces her but she say "I'm different. Not EVERYONE's the same. You have to really think of BOTH people's preferences before doing things like this. I TRY to fix it with you but all you do is lose your temper at me because of some of my answers. If you're gonna be like this to me we might as well not do the 'interview' at all." Well wow. I think changing preferences is also required for long lasting relationship. Remember when you crush on someone or in a relationship you need to change your personal sexual preferences for your crush or your boyfriend. Because that's very important for a happy relationship. Now let's move to where Emily accuses Ronald of spamming or messaging repeatedly and not stoping until she replies. Emily say that Ronald sends the message 3 times when she didn't reply. Or saying "Are you there" if she didn't reply within a minute. In other times. Ronald say "Are you there" when she is in "be right back" situation for too long. Well because Ronald is worried why she took so long. So in order to stop it. She have to say what she will do when she will be in "be right back" situation for too long. The problem is she doesn't want to. I don't know why. We convinced Emily to say what she will do if she is in "be right back" situation. Is Emily is in "be right back" situation for too long without saying what she will do. Surely Ronald will worry and message "are you there" 3 times. Now let's move on to Emily's accusation to Ronald of spreading rumours. Does Ronald spread rumours? Well one thing we must know is Ronald is just asking for help last March. One thing Emily say about Ronald's rant was this. "He's already done this about 2 times to 2 of my closest friends. Now he's spreading it to his whole watchers list?! I'm sick of it, he says I'm the one doing all the bad stuff, I'm not the one spreading everything across the internet. He's saying I hurt him, no, I'm not the one who almost, very almost turned one of my closest friend against him! Ugh I might as well leave dA!" Well what Ronald said about in the rant? Well he say this. "I feel down at the moment, heartbroken, because some of my best friends just kicked me out. All of them were my girlfriend's friends. Even my gf also dont want to talk to me or broke up, you know. I still want her back. But i didnt reveal that truth to her. So i disguise into another person. But her friends just helped her to kicked me out. They say to me "f___ off", "go away", etc. My gf also did this to me. She also say "f___ off" "go away" and many more despisibg words to me. Does my gf think all the love, kindness, and sacrifice i gave to her and this is what i get as a return. I also choose that girl to be my partner and nobody else. I still love her. She hurts me. She broke my heart. But i still love her. I still do care for her. I just be silent. I didnt seek revenge. That's what i want my gf to think. Yes. My gf despised me. Does she forget our vows. I still do remember them. Does she still remember that we are both aspies. Does she remember the time we spent together. Does she rememeber the love, kindness i gave to her." Well Ronald showed me some proofs that what he say was right. And the truth is Ronald says the truth but Emily denies the truth. So that's why she say Ronald is spreading rumours. Emily's friends was against him because of the breakup. And Emily hurts Ronald by the scoldings she gave to her. Emily just can't face the truth. Now let's see on what we see to Emily. She is just 13 years old. She thinks she is too young to relationships or romance and sexual things. But we have questions to her. If she thinks she is too young for relationship and romance and sexual things. Then why she draws love drawings such as kissing scenes. And why she is crushing to Ronald in the first place? (She had crush on Ronald starting from October) Drawing kissing scenes and crushing on someone is a relationship and romantic thing and especially a sexual thing. Emily thinks she is too young for relationship, romance and sexual things for she is 13. But what is in her mind was relationship, romance and sexual things such as crushing, kissing her crush. Well the truth is relationship, romance and sexual things such as crushing, kissing her crush, wanting a relationship and having a boyfriend is really an adult thing but 13 years old of age is not too young for relationship, romance and sexual things such as crushing, kissing her crush, etc. 13 years old is not a child or a preteen anymore. It is in puberty years or adolescent years where a child is turning to an adult. So girls in 13 years old can think relationship, romance and sexual things. Also girls in 13 years old can crush or kiss their crush or have a boyfriend or can be in relationship. But it has requirements of more deeper things when it comes to crushing or wanting a relationship or having a boyfriend. One thing was agreeing to show one another's naked body or the whole self, hugging kissing and touching naked. That will see if a girl truly loves her boyfriend very much. If she loves him very much they have too do things such as hugging kissing and touching naked. And also a boyfriend must promise of not making a girl pregnant nor raping her nor humiliating her by showing naked pics or something like that. Yes. relationship, romance and sexual things such as crushing, kissing her crush, wanting a relationship and having a boyfriend is really an adult thing. But girls in 13 years old are thinking relationship, romance and sexual things such as crushing, kissing her crush, wanting a relationship and having a boyfriend is really an adult thing so they have to do adult things if they are taken even they are 13 years old. But Ronald doesn't want to make Emily pregnant nor raping her nor humiliating her by showing naked pics or something like that. Now let's see about Emily's OC Dino being with Robby's OC named Pyre. Well Emily say that her OC Dino was her persona. So Ronald made his persona OC named Rightful Sketch. They ship it but in breakup Dino was shipped on Pyre. In good Friday Ronald and Emily became couple again, but in Easter Sunday Emily draw a pic of Dino and Pyre kissing. This was make Ronald gone psychopath or mad. Now she say that Dino is not her persona. This way Emily did might be charged on cheating. Is she? She must not do that thing to Ronald if they became couple again for that thing Emily did might be charged of cheating. Now let's see about things that says that Emily is a monster of what my friend Alex think. Well she say that she is not a monster of what Alex thinks. Well isn't she? Well we will find out in this another batch of paragraphs. We let's see first her harshness. Emily says that she is trying not to be harsh but she is harsh when she's constantly bossed around by someone from a different country who she doesn't even know or someone gets on her bad side. She admitted that she is harsh to her boyfriend Ronald sometimes. Well why? She say that it's because of things he does that really get on her nerves. well what are they? Review the previous batch of paragraphs just above this batch. So Alex tries to stop her harshness but Emily say "Why are you having ago at me? It's not my fault I'm harsh. It's called personality" it means she doesn't wanna stop. Then Emily say to Alex "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE LIKE THIS, I WANT TO SORT THINGS OUT BUT YOU AND SARAH JUST KEEPING HAVING A GO AT ME. YOU LIKE TO HAVE A GO AT ME BECAUSE YOU KNOW I'M WEAK AND I SNAP EAISLY, DON'T YOU?! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Well wow. Remember harshness doesn't last the relationship long. Harshness can ruin relationships. We need to stop being harsh to our partners so that the relationship will last long. You can be harsh to ordinary people, not to your partner. Remember in order to make a relationship last forever they have to readjust or change their preferences. Let's see the if Emily really wants Ronald to die or not. Emily say that she didn't hurt Ronald nor wanting him to die nor happy when he dies. Well really? She say to Ronald to shut up when she read the suicide note. And remember what Emily's mum say "..... she as caused this boy to be in a coma this boy would not be on here harassing her...." So Emily's mom say that it's better if Ronald is in coma. So she hopes he die. When Emily read any suicide notes of Ronald she say that Ronald just asking for attention. Well truly Ronald is such a sensitive boy and Emily still hurts him more. Let's see about her complaining on everything. Now Emily complains almost everything. She seems to get upset about every little thing for no good reason, such as pitching a fit because Steven Universe was on hiatus, complaining that people would comment on her adoptables but not buy, heck, she even complained to other deviants about various things, such as me closing free requests(Even though she didn’t want one herself), missing an adoptable she wanted, and deviants not tagging her! She also complains on why everyone didn't roleplay with her. Only Ronald roleplays with her, commenting on her every works. Now that she dumped Ronald she complains that nobody roleplays with her commenting on her artworks. Now let's see about the way she forgive Ronald. Emily don't forgive. She say "He makes me feel like sh!t... He tries to make me feel bad, he has 3 friends who always try to force me into forgiving him. Well no" She is a Christian and a Christian must never do that. A Christian must forgive any of the sin whether it is large or small sin. A Christian must forgive all the time. If a Christian forgives all the time, God will forgive him, if a Christian don't forgive, God will not forgive him and punish him with unforgiven sin. That's what Jesus tell us to do so. Now I think she thinks that Jesus makes her feel like shit. Let's see Emily being escapist. When we try to convince her she just escape by blocking us in the Internet or deactivating her account. That's the same way her friends did if my friends confront them. Well escaping never fix or stop the war. They have to face it. That's why Alex and my friends are mad at her for we're sick of her bad attitude. Emily questioned "Why do I even bother living especially when I try to be friend with people but all they do is take their anger out on not only just me but my friends and my sister?" The answer is because Emily take her anger out on Ronald and his friends. That's why Ronald's friends are taking their anger out on Emily. Emily say that she loves Ronald and afraid that if she go back to him she will lose temper at him. She also say that she wants Ronald to be friends and wants to sort things out and make peace with him. That's why Emily must stop losing temper at Ronald. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I gave you the lot of infos in previous batches of paragraphs. Let me tell you that it's just because of those things that mentioned in 4th batch Ronald and Emily broke up. I think it's stupid. They broke up because of little yet stupid and silly pretty things mentioned in 4th batch. Last October Emily is crushing on Ronald by giving him a kiss under the mistletoe in her message to him. She has huge crush on Ronald last October. Emily falls in love in him. And wants to marry Ronald. She fell in love with Ronald because she is so kind, so sweet, and so caring to her. But because of just stupid things mentioned in 4th batch above they broke up. Just because of those little things Emily doesn't want to talk to Ronald anymore nor knowing him. And Emily say that we can't force her anymore to go back to Ronald. That's stupid I think because just because of little things they broke up. If Emily love Ronald well she must learn to accept his sexual personality with is just 12% of him. She must never judge his low sexual personality. It's a good thing that it's low. So I don't think Emily loves Ronald just the way he is. Emily say also that she love Ronald just the way he is but she doesn't really. Now Ronald has been traumatised and been so depressed and so suicidal because of breakup. Ronald had a lot of breakdown because of that. Ronald harmed himself many times and attempts to commit suicide. He also made a gory and bloody artwork of himself signifying how much he was hurted by Emily and her friends. Because of this war between Ronald and Emily, Ronald's friends were against in him. When Ronald watches some videos of a poor girl being bullied, punched and kicked by the bullies, Ronald reminds Emily. He cries when he watched those videos because he is worried of Emily being bullied because she was bullied severely in 6 years. When Ronald watches a video of a poor girl being stripped, punched and kicked completely naked by the bullied he worries even more about Emily, Emily also had a breakdown because of the stupid things mentioned in 4th batch. Ronald really doesn't force Emily to roleplay naked roleplays with him. He's just convincing her. Ronald just roleplays naked roleplays with her just once a week or once in two weeks. Not always Ronald doesn't want another girlfriend anymore if she had one for the first time which is Emily. If she had one for the first time she will not find another girl again. Even if we say that there are many more girls for him. She will never ever find another girl again. Even if you say it takes time. He will going to commit suicide if he loses his girlfriend Emily in breakup. He say that his first love will be his last love. He cursed that. He promised that very deeply and he will never ever break it. This was his permanent and unbreakable promise to himself asiding smoking and drinking alcohol. We can't force him to find another girl. We really can't. It's just makes him to commit suicide So the only thing to let Ronald live happy and make this war end and stop which is now lead to fight between teams and make peace between the competing teams. We have to make Ronald and Emily a couple again. That's the only way. I really don't want the one side win and one side lose. I don't want Ronald to kill himself because of that war. What I want is to have peace, harmony and justice between the two teams. So I want you to help me giving advices to Ronald and Emily and their friends. I also want to help me making Ronald and Emily a couple again. Stopping Ronald in his sexual psychological issue or getting rid of his sexual psychological condition won't work. It will just make his sexual psychological condition worsen. This sexual psychological condition might be a condition that cannot be get rid of from the person. It's like autism which both Ronald and Emily had and it was their autism is the cause of their relationship. Trying or convincing or forcing Ronald to get rid of his sexual psychological condition won't work. It's just making it worse. Telling to give false answers in chat surely won't fix the problem. Please give advices to every paragraphs So please help me fixing the problem of my two friends Ronald and Emily. Give them advices. Show me your advices to them. Also advice Ronald and Emily's friends. Also give me advices to bring peace to Ronald and Emily. And help me make them couple again. And please make sure that Ronald and Emily will never ever have a war again. So please help us. Thank you.

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