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Be friends after getting cheated on?

- Jun 19 2016 at 01:06
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Relationship advice Hi guys-looking for advice!

I dated a guy for about a year, and it was a very difficult relationship. We were very in love but were always fighting. We broke up because he was moving away, and said maybe down the road we would get back together. I made him a little box of mementos, and told him I would give it to him next time he's in town. I then found out he had cheated on me at least once. He apologized profusely and that was the last time we spoke.

I understand I need to move on because of all the problems we've had, and he cheated on me. But he's coming back in town soon, and I'm not sure what to do. I imagine he'll want me to give him the box, and start trying to be "just friends"...Is this a good idea?

What's the most powerful way I could get him to grow up so we could eventually get back together and I could feel confident we wouldn't have the same problems? Staying sort of friends? Cutting him off entirely?


Be friends after getting cheated on?

- Jun 19 2016 at 15:29
Member since: Dec 2013
"it was a very difficult relationship. . . .but were always fighting."

And you want to rekindle this relationship - WHY?

Has he even tried to re-connect with you all this time? You can "imagine" all you want, but unless HE has made efforts to "grow up" and get in touch with you, consider him moved on.

Toss the "memento box" in the trash. He gone.

Be friends after getting cheated on?

- Jun 20 2016 at 00:30
Member since: Dec 2013
Yes, why bother with a relationship where you had constant conflict. He'll grow up and mature in his own time, meanwhile you don't have to wait around for that to happen. Instead, you need to get on with your life and quit looking back over your shoulder(your memento box)to something which is basically in your past. Your past is for learning from and not living in.

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