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How many have toughed their situation knowing they should have left long ago. Head is not ruling even if feelings are long gone. Emotional abuse is finally getting to me after almost 50 years, picky, petty and immature things said. Would be better with a "Yes" wife than one with a mind of her own. I stand with and behind anyone with problems, won't wipe my feet on anyone and ask the same. This isn't working for me in this relationship. He's from dysfunctional family and doesn't acknowledge the differences. Anyone?


Hi cookie. I'm in a similar situation. Been with husband since I was 16, been with him 27 years. I've suffered emotional abuse throughout the whole relationship. I too have no feelings left for him. I've decided to leave as I can't do this anymore. If I stay I have no chance of any happiness. Have tried to leave before but always gone back. But not this time. I don't think you can get them to understand their actions because they cannot see what they are doing is wrong. I've tried and tried to explain over the years how much he hurts me but he still continued. My heart goes out to you. Living like you are will crush you

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