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You drank too much hator-rade

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Emotional advice I explained in my prior post on this site titled
"Growing pains

About how my father was physically abusive but never shined light on his verbal abuse and for the record im not solely on here to bash my father in general but to clarify the root problems of my feelings.

My parents use to get into domestic disputes more often then not through out the years as I was growing up so I began writing lyrics to express my feelings on paper I'd fill up 5 star note books and began collecting music equipment and started recording and producing music for myself and others,I even did CD covers working with photo shops ect.

I wrote songs about family situations about my mother and my father girlfriends and my struggles in life I felt these songs had more to offer anyone who would care to listen,my mother was always supportive of my music but even the song I wrote for my father that I thought was pretty darn good he had his negative splash to land on me.

He would say things like you don't have the voice for this your more of a writer it's to hard in the city we live to do anything here with it,and I'm all for honesty honestly but he had a way of maken it feel much more harshly.

I was raised by my father a so to speak alpha male but I am also very sensitive but that's why i feel my lyrics had such a potent feel to them i also had a rigid exterior as well.

I kno there's been judgment of people since the beginning of time and it will never end but I always helped people learn things from music to graphic design with CD cover work to wtv I knew things that took years to learn I gave away for free and even recorded people for free at times.

I guess what I would like to kno is, is the world getting colder and more hateful and judgmental now because when i was younger it didnt seem like people were so unkind and out for themselves,my problem is this do I help these people in my life or do I cut them out of my life or should I just ignore them or simply just be the same way back to them what's the best resort to deal with friends family and random people who are sipn too much of that hator-rade..

I'm open to suggestions how to deal with these hater-holics thnx..Bob..

You drank too much hator-rade

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I must say, for someone to help you, you should be more open and honest about what is really wrong in your life.

Why are people judgemental? Because you share your pain in your music, or you share your music for free??

People are always this way, we just don't realize what is in someone else's heart till we face it at first hand. I can't tell you to give up or keep fighting on something I don't full facts. All I can say is, you shouldn't avoid anything in your life, but you shouldn't start something you are not sure how to close either. Be prepared for everything.

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