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on Jun 22 2016 at 20:13
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Relationship advice I am 43yrs old female.I moved in with my boyfriend (56 yrs old) last yr.I've become very confused lately.He seems to want to not do what we were doing at the beginning like ex:hold hands while driving,kiss me with his tongue,he used to start things in bed and now it seems like its a chore.I have to start and he makes excuses if it doesn't go like: must be medicine or my tooth started to throb.I told him of this and he says its all in my head.Well,its in my head that something is going on.Any suggestions?HELP
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on Jun 23 2016 at 05:59
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Something like this happen with my bf as well. He just seems like he was less interested even thought I feel like everything seems to be going well. After we spoke about it he said it was because things are going well and hes starting to 2nd guess if I was "the one". That if things keep going as well as it is then this might lead to marriage and he feels like he still wants to be single and date around and have sex with other woman.

I pretty much told him if thats how he felt than dont waste my time, and i'm not going to sit around and wait for him to one day dump me. After that he said he thought about things and felt hes had enough experience in his past to know that i'm too good to miss out. So instead of ending things, we gave it another try. The sex has been so much better and hes being so sweet. Its like went we first started dating, but even better. Sometimes you have to give them a jolt, and remind them you have a life too and its not to sit around and do nothing. If hes not gonna take you out, someone else will. And once he remembers that, and he loves you, he'll be scared to lose you and he'll start trying again.

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