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Custody issues

My ex and I broke up because he was not treating me right or doing the right thing for our son. When my son was a baby he bought a boat and spent all his time and money fixing it up. Meanwhile we live in a small apartment and this a 33 year old man. My son is now two and my ex gets him most Fridays over night and two days during the week he brings him back in the evening. He is constantly telling me he wants more time but brings him home early often. I ask if he can take our son to a birthday party because I have to work and he's says he doesn't like doing things like that. Its suppose to be for our son. I just cannot take the back and forth. Since my son was born I put him first. It feels like its being taking from me. I feel like he is just doing this to hurt me not that he really wants the time with our son. What should I do?

Custody issues

Doing What to Hurt You ? Asking for mor time with him ? Im not In your situation but i can only imagin its not easy the back and forward, i am a Mother and i too put my son First and could imagin your frustration If You feel your ex is not. Could You Try talk to your ex ? Some how i think men see things différent from us, of They dont show It. I am married to a Man who has 2 teenage kids, i know It was hard for him to not be livng with them etc... How ever im sure He hardly ever shared this pain with his ex and not often his kids. Maybe your ex dose really miss your son ? And dose want more time with him ? How ever He might have à différent way of showing It ? But If You really feel hes doing It Just to Hurt You, Thats really sad and not cool from his part.

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