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In love with a girl I work with but not sure if she will feel the same

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Relationship advice So I work with this girl who I went to high school with, she's 22 i'm 23 and I spend way to much time thinking about her. We knew about each other in high school but I never really talked with her even though I had always thought she was a beautiful girl, so after I had graduated I managed to ask her for her number and we began texting each other. We talked a lot with intentions of just getting to know her better since we never spoke to each other in person before and it seemed to go well. After texting her for a while I tried asking if she'd liked to hangout just us 2 or if she wanted to bring a friend but even when she did agree to it when the time came to pick her up or meet her somewhere she'd blow me off and hours later text me that she fell asleep.

I continued texting her and she blew me off maybe 3 times so I asked her straight out. I told her I had liked her and I was really interested in her. I was also very blunt about not wanting to be pulled along by a thread (which so many girls have done to me before). So she responded saying that she wasn't looking at me the way I was looking at her that moment and apologized but still wanted to talk. I being very letdown, cut ties with her and stopped texting her (not to mention she never texted me after that talk so I guess she didn't want to talk as much as she claimed).

Two years pass and my best friend helps me get a summer job washing trucks for his families company I begin working there and it's a small company with only a handful of staff, so he invites me to have lunch with the office staff which I agree to. I walk in the kitchen in the front office and he leaves to use the bathroom and soon after the girl I was so strucken by years earlier walks in and I felt immediate surprise, shock and tension. I contained all this and gave a warm hello which she gave back and she welcomed me to the company and etc. It was short and the tension was very high I think for both of us.

I've been working with her on a more direct basis for over two years now and the tension is eased but only slightly I had no feelings for her when I first started working with her but after talking to her and seeing her at work and such I can't deny that I really do love everything about her (even though I tried for so long!) If there is still tension it's probably because we're both single, both attractive and our coworkers tease us that we should date (note: our coworkers are either married or significantly older then us).

I'm taking steps to progress things like trying to talk to her more comfortably and not always about work, also complimenting her looks or changes she's made occasionally. The problem is my job is really good now (promoted many times with many pay raises) and since we work together on such a close level I don't want to create an uncomfortable work environment.

There's a lot of uncertainty that i'm feeling as to what I should do but one thing I know is that I love her and I want to be with her while I can and make her happier than she's ever been. And every day that goes by I get closer and closer to telling her that. Thank you for reading my venting and any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated ☺

In love with a girl I work with but not sure if she will feel the same

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Slow down = don't you think you should get to know her before you profess "LOVE"?

Do you even know if she is seeing someone else?

Two years is a long time to be playing this cat and mouse game and at 23, it's time you begin dating.

In love with a girl I work with but not sure if she will feel the same

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So sweet

Sounds like a prince and a princess

That's not to say that I think you should be in a relationship.

You might just want to keep it friendly professional. Just be friends. Friendship is a blessing.

I think that it would help you if you had more balance in your life. If you had other things in your life that you love. That you love and that you love to do.... then this situation will take on a smaller size. It wont seem so big, or pressing, or overwhelming or powerful. You will have a lot more ease managing how you feel for her. Your daily thoughts and focus will be on many things.. not just a few.

So make a list of all the things you love and love to do.... and start finding ways to make them a part of your daily life.

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