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Relationships and the internet

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Relationship advice I'm 23 years old and newly engaged getting ready for marriage but my fiancé seems to be secretive and adds random woman he doesn't even know to his facebook to talk to them what would you think this problem would be plus he likes the attention.

Relationships and the internet

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To be frank, your fiance's issue is, while you're getting ready for marriage, he isn't. To be newly engaged, your guy should be totally committed to you and you alone. He shouldn't have the need to be secretive or talk to random women on FB for whatever reasons or even for the attention. You are the one he should be communicating with because you guys need to develop and mature together.

Your engagement tells the world that you are a couple and both of you should be basically saying to all that you're ready to plan and share a lifetime together. Your guy's actions are telling you something completely different.

You need to confront him and you need him to give you some straight answers upfront, otherwise you could be going down the track with a guy who thinks marriage is just an excuse to keep other people happy. If he can't commit to you 100% now, he's never going to do it later on.

Relationships and the internet

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I had something with someone and I tell you he was LIGHT.

He was the kind of guy that girls just gravitated towards.

They would literally flock around him.

I remember thinking too myself.... how lucky I am to have someone that can do that, that can make people feel good.

Its a gift. There are a lot of people suffering in the world from all kinds of things.

Love is a wonderful thing and it needs to be shared.... but in a relationship anything in the realm of making love... is only with me.

If i were jealous, i would create a negative vibe between us, and in my life.

If i were confident, i would create a positive vibe between us, and in my life.

But your guy might not have the attitude mine did. He was just a luvbird.

I love lots of people, extraordinary people, and haven't any desire to be intimate with them.

I wish the world would see one another as brothers and sisters.... life would be so amazing for everyone.

There is no question that some don't think this way. You have to decide.

Lets say you make all the considerations and decide.... hes just luvbird, and sees them as sisters.....
Then you might want to reflect that to him somehow, in a nice, positive, happy, even proud way.

Reflect some of these words so that they cross his mind. "im like a brother, caring and insightful to lots of girls that find comfort in me, a lot of people hurt, and need good people in their lives, friends, and im someone that can inspire, and help people see there are good people in the world."

What we say to ourselves, builds our path. He will know himself what he is doing. It might have been just instinct before, and he wasnt sure what he was thinking, but now having considered this.... he knows what he is doing.

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