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Mad and confused

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I met and fell madly in love with this guy 9 months ago. My problem is im older than him( im 28 and he's 21, but im very tiny and petite for my age) and from the start, it seems no one approves because of the age gap/difference. We love each other, we do everything together and we live together. My problem now is, i found out that most of his female friends, know me as suga mama and they call me 28. I doubt they even know my name. Then i found out he never broke up with his baby's mom. I confronted him about it, he fought about it. At some point he broke down and cried, telling me he loves me and wants to be with me, Im mad because i let him in my life, my parents know about him and his son and they've accepted him and his parents. Its hard to let go because i love him, i found someone who , for the first time-since i've started dating, understands me. Please advice what i should do. i dont know what to do at this point because i know it will be hard to let this go. Im confused cos after all this time, i dont know whether he We had our ups and downs, since for some reason he says he loves me, but cant bring himself to break up with his baby's mom since he's scared to lose the baby, which i understood. Lately though we started fighting because in this 9 months, his parents still dont know about me where else my parents know about him, him always talking to his baby's mom,and whenever she calls, the calls are very discreet, i asked him why he does tha, if nothing is going on, why does he feel the need to take the calls privately. I eventually found out that he's been lying to me about a lot of things,which when he reveiled, he literally broke down crying. He says he loves me but he feels guilt for getting the other girl pregnant as the situation at her home is bad. Problem is,as bad as he says he feel, he doesn't have a job to provide for his baby. I've helped in anyway i could to find him work, but now the contract has ended and now we have to start looking all over again.

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