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Friend stays too long!

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Other advice A friend from abroad comes to stay with my partner and me each year. He sorts out his own food etc. and only uses our house as a base to catch up on his old friends.

He's perfectly ok, but sleeps in till noon in his room which is normally my hobby room. I can manage with that for a week or so, but last year he stayed for over two weeks and my partner thinks that's too long. So do I.

How do I tell him "Yes, you're welcome to stay but only for 10 days or so this time" without giving him the impression he's no longer welcome. He is, but just not for so long.

I realise this is a trivial matter compared to many posts on here (and I'm lucky this is all I have to worry about at the moment) but any suggestions would be appreciated.



Friend stays too long!

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Jan, if this guy is a true friend, then you should be able to tell him direct about how feel about the length of his stay without him taking offense. If you feel that he will or may take offense, then you need to determine what sort of a friend he is because a true friend will never wear out their welcome just as a true friend would never put you in this situation.

Friend stays too long!

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Friends are a blessing....quite literally.

If he is a friend...he wont take advantage of you. Or do you think hes selfish?

Do you have plans to visit his country? It might be the best trip ever with him as your guide and security!!!

If you are ever in need, you might be surprised with how he comes through for you.

Life brings so much unknown to all of us good and bad... your friend might be there for you or have a connection or resource you need one day.

Ask yourself if you are really bothered and what your needs are to make it work for everyone.

If the length of visit still really bothers you, I might ask the date of his arrival and then say that you are having guests just around the day you'd like him to leave. I don't like lying but this way you wont hurt his feelings. But... it might bother you, spending the next week wondering if it was worth it!!

It all sounds kinda dreamy to me, seeing a friend once a year, you get to really see and measure the progress of all of your lives. I would LOVE IT!!! I might get him to help out around the house...that's fair. But it would all be FUN!! Vacation attitude is contageous, give yourselves reason to have a great time!!

Friend stays too long!

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Have you seen "YOU ME AND DUPREE"!!! Such a funny movie.... I just thought of it!!! It will make you feel like your having an angel over to visit!!

Janet Jacksons song GOT TILL ITS GONE.. is passing through my mind too... but when doesnt Janet cross my mind!! My favourite is ESCAPADE!!

So thrilled she is going to have a baby.

Speaking of babies, you might have one one day, and your friend will want to be in line to be a favourite uncle!!! Money cant buy love.

Friend stays too long!

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I wrote this poem this year.... Your situation reminds me of it. I keep it with a beautiful painting of young boy and girl resting like brother and sister under a tree.

We meet once a year each spring
Where the grass is green
And we can hear the birds sing
A beautiful natural scene

Each with our notebook
A collection
Of reflections
Life's connections
And ours

Eat drink sleep
And be merry
This one life
To live
This one day
To give
And take
And make
As it was meant to be made.

Friend stays too long!

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Tell your friend that the room is available from (date to date.)

The room has to be used for (XYZ project, other guests, being painted, etc. etc.) after that.

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