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Stinky feet in school

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Other advice One day in middle school at the end of a hot, humid day, we were doing a tumbling unit in gym class. This was done without shoes on. I was wearing strap sandals without socks, so I took them off and was barefoot. I sat down and stretched out my feet to get ready for class, when a girl who was sitting towards me and facing my feet, caught a whiff of them and said P.U. Your feet stink. I was embarrassed because I was looking forward to being barefoot all day, but when I was barefoot, was told I had stinky feet. I was especially embarrassed when the girl said P.U. about my feet. The strap sandals I was wearing trap my feet, so the soles of my feet were sweating profusely until I took them off, so there was a buildup of stink that was released from my feet when I took them off. My joy of being barefoot did not last long. I certainly caused a stink in class that day!

Stinky feet in school

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Perspective is what will make you feel better. Its something that you should look for whenever something like this happens, and it will. It does to everyone.

Can you think of what you might add to your view that will make this situation smaller?

You might have had smelly feet, but its something you can change easily.
Whereas the girl that made fun of you was being rude and disrespectful, and uncaring. These are qualities that are not easy to change and much worst.

Everyone is something for a reason. There are explanations for everything.

Your shoes smelled because it was super hot, or you didn't notice until you got to school, or maybe they are stinky shoes, have you ever smelled hockey gear?!!! Its what happens!!! Its life.

Your classmate was rude because maybe that is how people are around her, maybe her mom or siblings talk the way she did, judgmentally. Or maybe it makes her feel like she is more special when she puts another down, instead of earning her merit.

That part includes the facts... that let you get past the situation by identifying the truth.

The other way to use perspective to help you is by comparing the situation to other ones like it or worst that are happening every day in this world to absolutely everyone. Can you think of situations other people have been in? I can think of some terrible, scary, sad, and emmbarasing situations!!

Don't let anyone steal your light. Cause Katy Perry reminds you... that 'Baby you're a Firework!!!'

Stinky feet in school

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Imagine being outside and finding a frog in your driveway.

Now imagine going to your upstairs bedroom window and looking down at the frog.

When you first find the frog, its so exciting and has all of your attention.

But when your looking through the window, the frog is a lot smaller, and there is so much more in view.

You can see the birds, the flowers, the trees, the sky, the clouds, .....

The frog isn't much in perspective. ;)

This also reminds us how important it is to full your view up with lots of fun interesting things!!

Wow, that gave me a great craft idea.. i think i will do it!! I am going to make a poster and im going to design it as a window.

Through the pains of glass i am going to put images of all the things that are important to me, all the things that i love, so that i remember to always keep them in my perspective.

Not much compares or could take my smile away for too long, when I have music, art, interests, and hobbies in my view!!

Have fun... life is but a dream!!

Stinky feet in school

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I suggest that you create a similar art. Through your window I want you to draw a small pair of shoes (or a small black solid circle), surrounded by all the wonderful things in life that matter to you.

In life... there are all kinds of situations that are going to represent those shoes and I don't want them to bother you. I want you to say, oh well, they are just shoes. I know how to fix it and move on!!

When we are afraid of something we lose more and more focus. It can change who we are. It weakens us. And you have no reason to be ashamed.

This situation is going to make you stronger than ever if you decide to make this art work. I will be making one, only instead of stinky shoes, I think mine might be....a whole stinky person!!!

I used to let people get to me, people that used to put me down to make themselves feel powerful. I had horrible bullies in my life. It was too much to handle, and I went into a bubble, an imaginary world where I could be happy. Which meant I didn't pay as much attention to a lot of the things in the real world. So, I wasn't very clean all the time. It wasn't as important as all of the other things that I thought about!

It was when I filled my life up with one experience after another after another... that made me feel great about life that I became a very beautiful, graceful, sophisticated, expressive, empowered.... young lady. Everyday I created a challenge or a piece or art or participated in something that made me able to say "I DID IT!!". I learned to love myself, without needing anyone else's approval, I knew I was cool.

So anything anyone could possibly say to me now, it might hurt, but it doesn't change who I am.

The art with the window is a vision of what you love in life. But the frame of the window, including the wood that holds the panes... can have words that describe WHO YOU ARE. Your identity.


You need to come up with LOTS of words that describe you.

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