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Relying to much on him

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My husband and myself used to go for a walk during the week now it's only at weekends. If it's raining we go to a castle or a house to visit. He works as a sales man I'm job hunting. He doesn't go far sometimes yet we won't have a walk in the week. I end up going five days a week by myself and it's no fun. I hate that I rely on his company because I'm by myself all day and get lonely. It would be nice he suggested a walk when he got home but he doesn't. I don't have any friends or bother with any family. I feel he doesn't need my company or even me and I want to be independent and show him I don't need his company like he doesn't need mine. How often should couples go for walks in the week?

Relying to much on him

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Yes you are relying on him too much, the good thing is you know it so you can change things.
The bigger question is why don't you have any friends ? Or bother with family ?
Coz you chose your time with him over them ? That's ok but maybe now is a time for change ? You cannot
Rely on your husband to fulfil every need ! Why not find another walking friend around your age , walk talk about life , laugh, share your thoughts with you will feel much better and maybe even apear more attractive to your man. You could join a group, activity, walking club would be great for your soul ! You can be 100 pe cent commited to your husband and have your own life at the same time :)
Might do you both some good :)
I moved to a another country once met my husband then my boyfriend the first 2 years I gave everything to him. Said no to social outings etc.... It was a wrong move, we are still married I have created my own little life as well as our life together and feel so much better now, love seeing my friends for dinner, girly chats, laughing. My husband will always be my best friend and number one but it's healthy and good to have your own thing going on too :)
I think the only reason your husband dosent suggests walks in the week is coz he's tired after work, normal !
Sales jobs are tough going.
Get out there enjoy life with and without him, you can only do your couple good that way !

Relying to much on him

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Try listening to something, music, instrumentals, or a story, or lesson.... something that interests you.

Or...meditate. Yes... meditate and walk.

I love walking alone... and in nature... we connect to great powerful energy.

If you are happy.. you will receive those gifts... you will be open to it.

If you are not happy.... you will be closed to the healing powers of nature.

You will feel more focused energized and relaxed.... continue your walks...everyone needs time alone. He might really like that unwind and reconnect with himself. I would even tell him that someone told you... that men need time alone in their home just to connect with themselves... and you didn't really think of it before... but it makes sense... so... baby...i have some snacks and your slippers...and the living room set up or a bath ready... just for you!!! Ill be back in an hour or 2!!! Now you both will feel more focused relaxed and energized!!

Expressing it openly... helps him realize how he feels....why he feels this way....and tells him that you understand.... its so much pressure off.

Relying to much on him

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The relationship we have with ourselves is of the utmost importance

But work demands our attention

Responsibilities demand our attention

Our spouses take up our attention

If we have children.. they take up so much attention

We NEED to have time to focus on we are better able to manage...everything.

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