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Haveing trouble with this boy

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just after some advise really .im really not sure what im getting my self into.. ive meeting this guy for last three weeks couple times a week ..anyway i do know him from works too hes been work collegue for about erm 8 years our more but ive not really had anything to do with him outside work until i ask him about something to do with a computer program i was looking for because i remeber he was into computers and knew alot them and it started from there really he would invite me around to his for few games and chat a coffee and it went on for few weeks like this..any way i began to start to like him and he like me he constantly text me saying that he really like me and cares about me any way .. i told him that i really like him to but we take it slow because im really npt sure im really wanting a relationship so fast i ahvent been a relationship for lke abuot ten years due to an illness i had been going thrtough and i hadnt realy been tht interested id been more worried about my self back then anyway..he said fine that he invite me over to his place..and he like makeing pass at me i push him away sai im realy not sure im ready yet i jsut want to take it slowly. hes like okay then i i understand .. an then soon as i i left the house he textin me saying what did you think of the day how really likes me and that he he just really wanted to kiss me and that he really falling in love with me and that he like me for years and then i jsut told him that i like him but we see how it goes ..i try to avoid him for few days jsut to see if he calmed i just felt like he was being to much .. anyway then he was try to pursuade me to go to his for breakfast and watch move withhim at his before he goes to work. so i said sure i come so i went we cuddle while we watch movie and then he as saying to me i really dont want u to go when i go to work i said to hihim i need to because i cant get home otherwise there no buses hes like well u can stay here and stay the night and i sleep on the floor im like no its fine i go home anyyway then we say our goodbyes he texts me when he gets home from work saying that how did you find today good and bad points did u enjoy our cuddles im thinking is it just me our you just totally weird so then he saying hoow much he loves and liks me has always like me saying i hope u feel same way im saying to him i like u asking me wht im up today sunday i said to him oh nothing much im just takeing my dog for good run then he saying to me well i can walk down to ur and see you i made excuse just to say that oh my family dontnt like me haveing people overexcuse just to say my family funny with me haveing anyone over like me having people over he made excue than that e was walking to his parents and that he meet me when i take the dog for walk so i said to him im not sure yet when i takieing the dog and ask him what time was he going to his parents he got funny with me saying i was just thinking about it thats all he got really stroppy abit . so anyway then he kept jsut saying again how much he loves me and likes me so i woke this mornig he had text me at like 5am this morning saying morning that he misses me and that he wishes that he could see me more and that he misses me and thathe likes everything about me and saying i could go on and on and saying he loves me . thing is i find him a bit to much im really not sure wether its just me because i havent been in relationship for so long..and hes constantly going on and on how he feels all the time about me and how much he loves me and that hes constantly saying things like that all the time i cant make my mind up wether its just me because i havent been in relationship in good 8 years more our he really obsessed with me to much and stalkish to the point hes constantly texint me to say how he feels about me but im worried if hes realy that obsessed with me is he gonna be even worse evently i dont know i like him butsomeimes he really to much imi dont know wether he genreally just being caring our genrea;;y just really weirdo that obessed

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