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Narcissistic personality disorder husband

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have recently discovered the traits of how my husband has been with me over the past 2 years (completed 4 yrs in May) to narcissistic personality disorder.

anyone can help me how to deal with him as seeing a NPD husband is very hard and its an emotional abuse when you are given the silent treatment, disconnect, disinterested, self centered, egotistical, chauvinistic.

i don't want to leave him, but don't know how to deal with him and help him as he won't agree if i tell him to show a psychiatrist, so what do i do next.

my world is coming crashing down, it was a love marriage and now he clearly shows me signs he doesn't love me anymore, doesn't wanna make love, and even if i talk to him calmly, he says, he will take time to make peace with the arguments and a bad phase in our marriage we had.

so anyone there who has dealt with a similar problem, i really need help.

Narcissistic personality disorder husband

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I'm so sorry for your pain.

It takes an angel to want to stay with someone and help them when they hurt you.

It takes great compassion to believe that they are Gods need.

It takes great courage to sacrifice your life to help them.

You have great faith.

But that may be all taken for granted. Some people do not change. They will take take take until your life has passed you by. Having had to endure so much pain and suffering. Leaving you with a lifetime of abusive memories and damage. When you could have been free and happy... getting healthier instead of used and abused.

There has to be a time when you say to yourself....
"I tried. Now I want to live my own life because I deserve more.
My compassion, courage, help can be put to better use... elsewhere in the world."

I might suggest creating a plan with a psychiatrist. You go to the appointments and create a plan of action to take.
A plan that involves protecting yourself and working towards fulfillment in your own life.

A plan that offers actions and statements that you can make around your husband that your psychiatrist suggests as an indirect way to offer health care.

Separate your state of mind from the reality that has been. From him.

Live your own life. It is extremely damaging to stay around abusive people. In inhibits our ability to live. Try to separate yourself as much as possible.

Be very proactive about that interaction... As if he were your patient.

A patient that in the case that he gets better... you will connect to again. But for now... i suggest cutting off the emotional connection... and spending that energy on yourself. Enjoying your life. Your self. Your relationship with yourself. Your relationship with the world.... interests, hobbies, pursuits.

I might also suggest that you go to a naturalist or do some extensive research to find out what kind of natural remedies there are for him. It might be that he needs medication... if he wont go to the doctor... vitamins might help.

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