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No love in my luck

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I have found my relationships to never work out the way I want them to. I have made improvements over the years but I never got very far in the love department. Recently, I found someone who I feel connected with and isn't either touchy nor emotionalless. However, he is leaving fairly soon out of the city to follow his practice and make a career out of it. Thinking about it just makes me extremely down and alittle scared of what will happen. In the past, I was betrayed by certain male friends and am now entirely resentful of dates. I feel like I am safe with him but I can't tell him I am scared for him to leave because this is his dream. I will never get in the way of that. I asked him what would we do when he leaves and he simply replied that we try and make it work as long distance...but that I also remain open for others. That is something I do not know can be done. What can I do?

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