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Married less than one month and wife moves out

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Okay, i was recently married on July 2nd 2016, my wife moved out on july 19th. Shd did basically all fhe planning and was very excifed about our marriage. But we have had alot of issues with her boss messaging her 100-150xs a day asking personal questions sending rainbow heart emojis, sending pictures complaining about her weight almost as fishing for complaiments. I ended up losing my job because we both worked at the same facility and during the same week during our sons birthday party tried convincing her into leaving me. At this point the line was extremely crossed and i felt like my feelings did not matter whag so ever, during our vacation she spent most of her time on the ohone instead of oaying any attention to our family. When confronted she got disgusted snd fought with me fof 2 days that weekend we fot back she took offfor 3 days contacted me go fight but thay was it our son got rushed to the hospital and she djdnf even show up. Welll needless to say when she came home i. Felt detachted like i could t reach her snd everytime i tried discussing my feelings with her she kept saying she felt attacked. So we were barely speaking. Well i had an interview on tuesday and she thoughy i had took our son and left. Which she was the clarified i had not left and picked up and took off i didnt go looking i went out with my friend snd my lil boy and when i was on my way home i got a phone call that my wife was at the over look with her boss just talking. Well needless to say her boss drove her back here to get all of her clothes shoes and such. We went 48 hrs without talking and when we did it was about bills not about us, well i went out with a few friends and yes the one person talked shit made if pubically known i was out with them. I was out till about 4 am and nothing happened there was all together 4 ppl with us. The person said somethings that shouldnt have been said snd hurt my wifes feelings like not calling or anything to see how our son was doing. In the meantime she has been at the over look every day last week with her boss who has two children and is about to get married. I unblocked my exs to ask questions on why our relationship failed what is wrong with me for say? How can i fix myself? I left my convo there for wife to see. But friday after me being out with my friends she came up here like a snap case screaming causing s scene but kept saying i dont care what you do, thats a down frade from me. Well after she left here she went to the over look to meet uo with her boss. Now saturday she here and i was at work i have a part time job and i wasnt here she said she wanted to talk, i came home and it was more u did this and this and this but not about whag she has done. Meanwhile wednesday she received our wedding roses at work with a card that read love you miss, from me. IOf course she is claiming she dont know where theh came from told me she gave them away and dont have them well things seemed okay she spent the night and on sunday i had to drop something off at her parents snd its a double house well what would u kno was on the table? The roses she claimed she got rid of! So i told her she still spent the night sunday but today is back right where we were not wanting to talk much came up hung out all day and went back to her parents but no overlook! She is giving me alot of hope than alot of false hope. I need advice on whag to do? Being she was fine all the way till i caught her in the lie and now its all about what i have done nothing on her part what so ever?

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