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Help me out of the guilt

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Relationship advice I was dating a guy 3 years elder to me. He is 24 years old and im 21. He wishes to settle a business by selling all his father's assets. I'm not at all okay with his idea of settling down this way as he wouldn't be a self made man and that just doesn't fit in my definition of hardwork and success.
I am struggling my way to complete my law degree and stand on my feet and move out of the city and explore the world. But he seems to be to reserved and likes to be content in whatever minimum needs he has. His dreams are too small. With all of these differences there we definitely going to be clashes in our thinking in future so i thought of ending the relationship with a heavy heart. Slowly slowly my feelings for him faded...
After 2 months, i realised i was falling for another guy. Who is my best friend and he has been silently waiting for me since a year. He is as ambitious as me, we share the same success definitions and we have almost the same ideals. We are in a relationship now, but suddenly sometimes i feel having done wrong with my ex. Leaving him because of the difference in thinking and i also left him for sitting unemployed at the age of 24. He blames me for having left him in his bad and difficult times. These feelings of guilt affect my current relationship.
Please advice me as to how should i come over this guilt because i want my current relationship to really work out well as i see a future with him.

Help me out of the guilt

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To overcome guilt I would first question whether it's rational, from what you've said I would say not, which I suppose is the most infuriating kind. Then talk to someone you trust, your new partner perhaps? Just for reassurance that you made the correct decision, guilt is hard, even harder when someone is blaming you, but your ex was not your responsibility and no matter how he feels, you were protecting your own happiness and inevitably, your mental health which should always be your number one priority.
I hope this helped and that your current relationship works out for you,

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