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Is he just mad or is it over?

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Relationship advice We know each other for two years and have been friends. We didn’t talk for a year because he relocated. I always had a huge crush on him and he knew that. We reconnected a few months ago after his relationship ended. We have been texting and flirting for like 3 months. He would text me in the middle of my dates when he saw me going out on Facebook. I finally asked him out. He admitted he liked me and would love to see where this went. We spent the whole weekend together. It was a little awkward. He seemed half scared of me. He was just coming out of relationship. I asked him what the deal was. He said he didn’t want to rush things. It came out a little rude over text. I didn't respond. In truth I got scared because I really care for the guy and I made the horrible mistake of running and not responding to that text. I even unfriended him. But in truth is because I was scared it was not going to work out and I would get hurt. I came back a week later. I apologized and told him what happened. He lied and said he went back to his ex and to leave him alone. I know he’s not back with her for a fact. He blocked me on facebook and unfireinded are mutual friend right after I contacted him. I then sent a text fully apologizing and accepting all responsibility. It was lengthy. He did not block my number but he has not responded.

He is a sensitive guy and I had to iniciate flirting and asking him out because he was acared and awkward. But I do like him. It sucks because we were really good friends. We never actually defined who we were or what we were.

I know this is all my fault and I am not going to sugar coat it. Did he say and do these things out of anger and will he never forgive me? Is it completely over whatever it was? Do I just need to wait and see if he comes around.

Is he just mad or is it over?

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I am not sure how old you are... but we change a great deal in life.

I know that I would never have relationships with people in my past.

It inhibits growth. I don't want to move backwards. I don't want a relationship that is tied to pain... or drama.

I want a beautiful life and a beautiful relationship... that is fresh. That will promote moving forward... not tie me to the past... especially if it wasn't happy.

But that's just me. I am very proactive about FREEDOM and what that means to me.

I would rather be alone forever, than in a relationship that doesn't support freedom... spiritually.

Is he just mad or is it over?

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You seem like a very young person, by this story. Look in life we learn things the hard way, and that's not always good and at this moment I imagine your feeling really bad at yourself.
But don't. You had the courage to face your feelings first and then you got scared and that's totally natural! It's fine! Probably you broke his heart but I'm not so sure of it.
It can be two things: u broke his heart or your just a fix for his ex relationship that didn't go as expected. Maybe you'll never know the truth.
Stop going around the problem you told him the truth and if he really understood he would be ok with it. So don't mourn on spilled milk sweetheart.
Life is as it is.


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