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Why did he do that?

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Hello, so this is the thing and I would be gratefull if you, guys could tell me from your point of view. I've been seeing this guy for 7 months maybe, just sex. Sometimes we go out and chat. He works in other citt so he is here like 4 days in a months and when he is here we see each other everyday (sex). To be clear, I don't have any feeling for him, I'm not attached, I am just curious what did this mean, but I suppose that it just came to his mind to do it like that so it's nothing, but it's strange for him. Yesterday we had sex and when I said 'you are tired i'm going home', he just put his hand around me, put me asclose to him as possible hugged me and fell asleep. After half of hour I turned, my back was turned to him and I said I'm going home buy he again held me back, puy his arm not to go, moved my hair from neck and he got again as close as possible, you know, like spoon position and slept again. I didn' feel anything but It seamed like something really close what you don't do with your fuck buddy. Again, I don't want him to get attached or something but I am curious what could that mean, I suppose he just wanted to do that at that time. Sorry for long post and thank you in advance.

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