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i had a male bestfriend we had 12years of frienship it was like childhood friend,but around 3 years back our friendship turn into different..i dont know what was that...we didnt started dating but sort of...i started having feelings from him...this was the first time i felt for someone...i didnt confess...thinking that he is ready for relationship...but i even thought he had the same feelings...but one day he came and told me he is dating someone..that i could not control myself...i confessed him and obviously even he was aware about it...that too he was not serious about the gal he was dating....i felt like taken for granted and used for the sake of i just blamed him for we are no more friends...we dont talk...but i miss that friendship...i still believe i was not wrong...but for the sake of that friendship i even apologised...try to explain myself....but he never got my point


Used you, how? Are you saying you feel you were encouraged at the time to believe a bf-gf relationship would result if you got sexual with him and/or granted him other perks and privileges beyond just friendship status, and that had you known nothing would come of these things you would have declined/abstained?

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