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Dealing with an emotional abusive ex

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I have two children 2 and 3 1/2) with my ex boyfriend. The four years him and i were together he emotionally abused me, i did work a job for a short time while living together, shortly after i got pregnant with my eldest daughter, i got let go from my job and i haven't worked since. I worked a temp job in 2014 that lasted a day, but i haven't worked since.

Right now because it would be a lot to put my daughter's into day care, i decided to be a stay at home mother until my daughter's start school full time, then i will either go back to school myself or i will find a job somewhere. I am surviving on 700 dollars a month in child support. I have been dating my new boyfriend for over a year and he and i will be moving in together soon with my daughter's.

He has a great relationship with my daughter's. He is there for them more than my ex boyfriend is. My ex boyfriend is supposed to see them Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays per our verbal agreement. Most of the time he doesn't see them much, and he lives on the same property as my daughter's and i (two houses on the property).

The problems i'm having with my ex is he still tries to emotionally abuse me, still treats me badly and tries to tell me what to do. He keeps mentioning me getting a job so i can "be more independent and not rely on a guy". Believe me i do want to have my own income, but the job i would get, as well as the hours, i wouldn't be able to pay the whole day care bill and feed myself and my daughter's, plus have money to even pay on any bills for the house. I currently help my mom pay on the mortgage for the property and i am also paying the electric and my phone bill.

I understand where he is coming from, buty boyfriend and i both agreed that it would be financially smarter to wait until my daughter's go to school full time. My boyfriend has already helped me at times whwn my ex wasn't able to give me child support, so currently my ex owes my daughter's 1,120 dollars in back child support. He has been paying me a 100 dollars more a month (800) to slowly pay back what he owes. We haven't gone through the courts, per my ex's request, and now my ex threatens me with court. I told him to take me to court.

I keep track of what my ex owes me, what he currently pays me and money he sometimes borrows from me.

I am just looking for some advice on my current situation with my ex boyfriend

Dealing with an emotional abusive ex

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I am Bunty.
try to search a job where you can take you baby with you, else do any work which you can do from your home may initially you will get low income but slowly you will get adjusted and will get some idea to earn more with same work.

you cant be burden on mother.

its your hard time in life but after this struggle hope you will show more maturity in your life..
God bless you dear

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