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Where do I go?

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As of right now I am living with my dad and getting paid to clean and nanny my sister. I haven't lived with my dad since I was 8 and don't really have a great connection with him or my little sister( half sister).

I have lived about 4 hours away from my dads most of my life and loved it there. I moved here to help out my dad and get paid while trying to find myself and who I want to be.

After living at my dads for a little over a month I have decided that I don't really like my dad very much and that he is a pretty negative person. My little sister is also very hard to take care of because she is very disrespectful and has a horrible attitude. I am also not very comfortable here because my dad hates pets in the house and I have two pets.. One is only and tends to have accidents every now and again.

While living here I have met a guy named Steven. We are pretty much dating but just don't have labels yet. I think I like him a lot and would like to maybe start a life with him someday.

So my question is where should I go?
Should I get my own apartment near my dad and Steven?
Or should I go back to where I used to live and risk losing Steven?

Where do I go?

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i would get my own apartment, if you can afford it. Make your own way

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