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At odds with partners brother

- Aug 12 2016 at 05:56
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Relationship advice Before me and my partner were together I was best friends with his brother. We shared so much to each other. And then I started dating his brother and for obvious reasons we just werent as close anymore. When we started dating, he had just gotten out of a relationship and was really bitter about it. He would constantly call me and his brother to see where we were at and that it was too late to be out. We were both adults and we shouldnt have to answer to someone who was literally 1 year older. Anyway we got in a fight about it but got over it. He began to see someone new. It was a huge relief for the both of us because it meant he could finally be happy. Unfortunately she wasnt the best choice. She treated him like garbage and bad mouthed his family on twitter. I knew but I never said anything about it.. She started distancing herself little by little until she stopped talking to any of us. I mean she would when she felt like it. Eventually it all blew up.She yelled at him in front of the entire family like a child throwing a fit for not getting what she wanted. I spoke about it to my boyfriend concerned because regardless of what had happened he was my friend. And i told him to talk to him because he didnt deserve that. He deserved someone better. She was there and overheard and told her boyfriend who then became upset with me.

He acted like nothing happened though. I didnt even know he was mad because he would always say hi and talk to me. He slowly started distancing himself too. I shared what was going on with a friend because i couldnt share it with my boyfriend i didnt want to put them at odds with each other. I vented to her and she gossipped to a few other people until it got around to him. He completely shut me out. I guess I understand that but what pissed me off was that he started making lies about me to my boyfriend. He would look for anything and tell my boyfriend. Like for example, "I was studying and she was turning up the tv super loud." or "Shes always shutting the door." me and his gf even got into it and had a fist fight. He broke up with her but hes still acting like a complete jerk. He recently contacted a mutual friend of ours and she knows that he had a psycho gf not from me but from my bf who shared it with her. She asked about her and he commented to her that I was just as bad but I dont show it. That he knows that I told her but that there are two sides to every story and that I only tell the side that benefits me and thats why we dont get along. He also told my partner and his mom about her asking about his ex gf and that he became upset with her and furiously asked her why is she talking shit about his gf. That he knew i told him. He lied about it to his brother and mom i dont know why but i know what he said because the girl sent me his texts. my question is what do i do at this point? I'm too old for this. I just want all this drama to be done with.

At odds with partners brother

- Aug 13 2016 at 04:40
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If you're too old for the hassles which other people cause you, then you need not get involved in the first place. If you can state that you're an adult, then you need to live your life like a responsible adult. Let other people live their lives with constant drama.

Your BF's brother needs to sort his own life simply because it's his business and it's his business alone if his relationship choices are lacking. Nobody deserves to be disrespected for no reason but we're all responsible for own actions and choices. Sure, he can be your friend, but you need to determine what sort of a friend he is going by his actions described in your post.

Most respectfully, you only need to put your efforts into your own relationship and let him sort his own hassles out without involving well meaning people like yourself. Don't give him any opportunity or the satisfaction to drag you down to his current level.

At odds with partners brother

SOULMATE (moderator)
- Aug 13 2016 at 12:56
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Couldn't agree more.

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