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I think my ex is using his new gf the same way he used me?

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So my loser ex has a new gf. We dated and lived together for 6 months and in those months I was living a hell. He has a serious addiction to crack cocaine and I've heard he's still using it. On top of that, while I left the issue alone, my friend that knows him has talked to his new gf, which I find odd since she says she barely talks to him. It was just last week that she was saying he was a loser and saying things about his new gf. I asked her if she's talked to her and she said she had one conversation with her and that was it and that she barely talks to him. I asked if the woman said anything about me and she said no, so I left the subject alone. I don't believe for a second that this woman didn't say anything about me, since he was so obsessed with his ex when we were together.

He made my life terrible. He gave me two STDs, one which is not curable and he blames it on me to this day and he took advantage of the kind heart that I had towards him. He was ungrateful and he also lied and said he had not been using drugs when he told me he had been clean for a while. He was also flirting and whatnot with other women while we were together. He was also controlling and his issues made me suicidal and when i left him, as i was moving out, he asked why i was leaving and i told him i couldnt deal with his drug problem and issues anymore, as they made me suicidal and he said "ok thats fine", he was cold and showed no emotion. I've had several people tell me that they are happy i finally got away from him and that I deserve better. I've also heard from people that his new gf isn't really the best person in the world, so it sounds like she has issues of her own and it would not surprise me if they were using drugs together. While I used a few times with him, I did stop. I haven't done it since.

I guess what bothers me is the fact that he caused me so much pain and confidence issues that I don't understand how he has a new gf. I left him 2 1/2 months ago, so its telling that he already has a new gf and people have said he's probably just using her like he used you.

He also used to make comments about how I looked and almost all of his gfs have weighed more than me, even women that he never dated, just had sex with and his new gf weighs more than me.

I think my ex is using his new gf the same way he used me?

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You need to let him go. I don't think you have yet, otherwise you wouldn't care what he does or doesn't do. And even if he using someone else, that's their problem, not yours. Karma will sort itself out. Let it go.

I think my ex is using his new gf the same way he used me?

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Agree completely.

Your (ugh) ex has obviously found someone more on his level (- down in the long grass), someone he DOESN'T have to try to constantly drag down there for being patently too good for him. But don't be fooled by the false posturing and bravado ("ok, that's fine!" + insulting you by deliberately replacing you prematurely) or let that add to your anger and understandable urge for vengeance at the state he (temporarily) dragged you down to and left you in. As THECD123 says - he'll get his (what goes around, comes around - NO QUESTION!...aside from the When bit) just a you'll get your compensation...but only if you persevere with the high road you've taken.

Revenge ('a dish best served cold') for those who endeavour to remain the bigger person comes in the form of soon enough meeting and falling in MUTUAL love with someone better. There you are, 1 or 2 years on, sitting prettily, looking forward to the future, with a great big, permanent grin on your over-snogged face and there's him, STILL going down the plughole, STILL playing silly uggers with his own life and STILL treating relationships and relationship partners like sources of procrastinatory drama-come-teething-rings-come-emotional-punchbags and, now meeting other, quite possibly more 'professional' snakes thus getting treated like he treated you - but worse.

Trust me, it's highly likely he'll still, 6 months plus from now, be going around saying, 'Dun't hurt, mleugh!'. But, oh yeah it does. And he knows it.

He lost (because he lost you). You won (because you lost him).

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