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No new ideas! What else could we try out?

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My boyfriend really enjoys to try out new things in bed, but at the moment I'm just clueless what else we could try out. We did already: -bondage -submissive/dominant games -role plays -vibrators/toys -using mirrors -wearing any kind of lingerie -Involving food -doing it outside at different places -All positions you can imagine that don't instantly break your spinal cord -Watching us masturbating -Watching porn together -doing things in the shower -Pain for pleasure He doesn't want me to play with his butt, we really can't involve someone else right now and I personally don't want to have anal sex. ...So I was wondering if maybe someone here has an idea on what else we could try out. Because when I Google "exotic sex ideas", they usually just say some of the above but nothing REALLY new.

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