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Men confuse me?

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I met a boy named Caleb 2 years ago, we immediately clicked and had obvious feelings for each other. We talked so much when we could, and I'd give him little drawings and he'd laugh and tell me they were cool. I was so happy to meet him, like it was destiny for some reason. Its like, how a boy so perfect, managed to live in the same state, and out of hundreds of schools, we attended the same one. It was surely destiny, or luck. After all, he does share multiple things with my family. Like how the first two letters of his name is the same as my moms name. His middle name is the same as my dads name. And his last name sounds like my name. If we were to be married, I'd have the same initials of his mom, dad, and brother. Ironic. I never felt so madly in "love" with someone, until the year after meeting him.. We rarely talked, and stayed away from each other. I became interested in a man named Arima. It was only to forget Caleb. I rejected Arima and apologised. I remember the look Caleb gave me. He looked hurt, eyes sorrowful. Later in the year, this Libra Caleb encountered rumours about me, and he was pressured into believing them. We argued for a pretty long time, and apologised in April. We didn't talk since until the school year started again. We started with small talk, and he kept looking at me like I was the only girl he's ever seen. His pupils dilate and cheeks blushing, and I turn away quickly. I wouldn't give in. But I wanted to. I really liked him... I don't know if he's really feeling the same way, or leading me on. I can't forget him at all. Should I hold eye contact? Talk to him? Write him something? I want him to know I still like him, and I'm willing to give in.

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