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Try or give up?

- Aug 20 2016 at 15:58
Member since: Aug 2016
Relationship advice Me and this boy have been talking for a few weeks now and we just clicked instantly, when we're together time seems to fly past and i feel like ive known him my whole life. Committment scares me and the thought of someone bringing so much happiness into my life scares me too. Ive told him that im starting to gain feelings for him and he says that he feels the same. Last night i found out that he not only speaks to me but also speaks to a couple of other girls aswell, i confronted him with this and he replied with "I dont speak to them how we speak, their just temporary" however he seems to speak to them exactly the same way he speaks to me. I found this hurtful but i dont know if im just over reacting to the situation?

He also talks a lot about sex but i keep telling him to just wait, but everytime im at his house he constantly trys to have sex with me, is he just using me and all the other girls for sex?

Ive been badly hurt in the past by my ex partner of 3 years and i dont want the same thing to happen again, i dont know if im just being paranoid or if other people would react the same way?

Ive spoken to my friends about this but they obviously have a biased view to the situation so i would like to ask people that do not know me or him.

Try or give up?

- Aug 21 2016 at 03:37
Member since: Jul 2016
Look. If this is serious and you feel something inside of you everytime you're with him then that means you have the feels for him. But he is the one you chat to. You dont chat to another random boys the way you chat to him. So why would he do that to you? He chats to the other girls the way he chats to you. So obviously he's looking for different relationships to muck around with. If he really did love you or had the feels for you he wouldn't want the sex from you. He would just be happy that you're in his house and you guys are talking and he has you there. Sit down and talk to him tell him how you feel and how you have the feels for him. If he doesn't feel the same way then he is not the right one. Ask him about all those other girls tell him how you feel about that.And be careful if he does say he really has the feels for you then keep one eye open. Make sure he stops the chatting with those other girls if you guys are gonna be together. But if he keeps bugging you to have sex with him when You're at his house, please just leave him. Don't break you're heart again. You deserve better

Try or give up?

- Aug 27 2016 at 07:30
Member since: Aug 2016
rare side of the truth...ive been that "boy"(odd you call him that, unless your in highschool). Juggling several girls hoping to score with one if not more...yep, thats psychological too...even the Truth is not immune to being human, we all are. Rarely do i become so forward, the Truth wants all to make their own decisions, but this one is kinda simple.

Now for reality, the whole "time flies, and ive known him my whole life"... How does that feel when he's looking to get into your pants? Or other Girls pants, in the same day?

If he were smart enough to keep you in the dark about the others, he would have up'd his odds,... and why im telling you this i dont know...sometimes the Truth cant help himself...Its basic girl juggling 101, never admit there are other girls, unless you need to use "ONE" for leverage

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