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What to do?

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So, I am finally willing to I except that I am still in love with my ex and that I want her back. After dating for 3 months it has become clear that I am not over her yet. I started texting her 2 weeks ago. She called me back to see if she could get her stuff from my house. We met and talked for about 15 minutes by her car. We hugged and she left. I sent her a few texts since but her reply mostly consist of; lol...i hope all is well, thank you and have a good night. There is nothing in her replies that would make me think she's interested. She's friendly but distant. At first she wanted to be friends. We were approaching one year when I broke it off with her. I immediately realized that I had made a mistake and did not want to break up but it was to late. She said that she just wanted to be friends. That she wants us to just work on our friendship. She didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. I walked away because i could bear us just being friends at that time. Now, I am lost. I would give anything to turn back time and see what would have developed with us if I would have been patient. Now, I feel like I am totally outside looking in. I guess things could be worse. She is at least speaking to me. I just don't know what to do next.

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