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What to do? Really need some advice

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Relationship advice Hey guys. Hope you all good. Got a bit of a problem here and i could really use your help. I'll try to get straight to it.

To start i met my ex in 2012, first relationship for both of us we were in college. we got together and had a really great relationship for about 3 years. We loved each other very much and became the closest you could imagine 2 people getting, we shared and talked about everything and it was amazing. We were best friends, just incredible.

Problem came after college, we couldnt see each other much like we use to in school and at the end we grew apart and that was where it ended. She didnt want it anymore, i became an emotional mess crying and begging until i just gave up and stopped talking to her.

She started university so i wished her well and left it there, broke no contact twice, called and said i missed her then for her birthday and i was literally done with her after her birthday i just gave up.

A month after that she messaged me to see how i was doing, said i was fine and ended the convo. Then a month after that she messaged me wanting to know if i wanted the stuff back that i gave her and then we talked and she said she wasnt sure about us and the future and what not. After that id get messages now and then, nothing important just stupid stuff most of the times. Most of the time she would message me like she was pissed, i didnt pay it no attention.. She didnt message as much again and i didnt as well.

Middle of June though i got a missed call from her, then she messaged me and we just talked, Talked how things were, how college was and the times we had, talked alot about alot of things and it was actually nice. we had some really good conversations. She told me how she missed how we were and the times we had, how she thinks about me and the times we had alot and how she wished she could go back to those times and those kinda things. I tried to arrange a meet up but she wasnt ready, she told me she'd come see me sometime but that hasnt materialised and i know for sure that i wont be seeing her anytime soon because she will be starting school and even its not far away i dont think it will happen.

I really didnt know what she wanted when we started talking again, we were just 2 people talking and that was it. She always use to ask my friend about me, stuff like if i got gfs or when i go out are the girls i hang with my gfs and stuff. She would get jealous and ask me bout the girls and stuff.

So we've been talking for about 2 months since we broke up a year ago. I dont know what she wants because she hasnt really said anything. And also i dont think we will be talking as much again when she starts school. WHAT AM I TO DO HERE??

Truth be told i miss her, i think about her everyday and even though i talked to girls after we broke up nobody has ever come close to what i had with her. Was the best relationship in my life. Talking to her again felt so good, felt right. I mean this girl meant the world to me. Even though we broke up there were alot more good than bad in our relationship.

If you had to ask me when was the best time of my life and the happiest, the answer would be her. She was the best thing to happen to me.

I would like to be with her again, im not sure how shes feeling or thinking, she said she would see me sometime and i shouldnt worry but i dont know when.. So right now the only way to talk to her is over the phone.

What should i do guys? What would you do in a situation like this. ?

Its been craziness in my head and i cant seem to stop it. Do i call her and tell her how i been feeling and how i feel?

I dont know if calling her and telling her that would push her away, or if shes been waiting on me to say something. The way shes been talking reconciliation was never taken off the table and i just really dont know what to do. Id really like some feedback guys., Thanks a million for reading ik its long.

What to do? Really need some advice

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The best thing for yourself is to cut her loose.This will be hard to do but it will save you from further heartbreak and disappointment.

No matter how much you want them to, things will never be the way they were again. You have both changed, your relationship has changed, you're not the same people you used to be.

This girl sounds like she only keeps you around for her own convenience. She's willing to talk to you when she's not busy, but when things get hectic she's suddenly out of the picture. She strings you along because she likes the attention and knows that if she needs you, you'll always be in her back pocket.

You've forgotten the bad parts of your relationship and keep looking back on the past with rose colored glasses. Think back to how she left you behind, and chose not to be with with you. How you probably did everything for her and how she wasn't willing to do the same.

The best thing you can do is to move forward and prove to yourself and to her that you can be happy and thrive without her.

That being said, I don't know either of you personally so if you're feeling like you have to try again, I recommend you straight up ask her what she wants out of you.

I wish you the best and am trying to tell you the truth. It might not be easy to hear but it's my honest opinion.

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