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How to get a college boyfriend

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on Aug 24 2016 at 02:26
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Relationship advice I'm going off to a big public college in a few months and my studies are my main focus but I'd like begin a relationship if possible. I have some but quite minimal relationship experience.

I suffer from pretty bad anxiety so I'm not the best at opening up to people. Also, although I'm pretty and friendly, I'm not necessarily the type of girl who stands out. I fear that I'll be lost in the crowd and ultimately end up alone or that nobody will find me worthwhile.

I know that a relationship will come along eventually and I can't force it, but at this point I'm tired of waiting.

Given these facts how do you recommend I get to know or introduce myself to someone I'm interested in?

How to get a college boyfriend

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on Aug 24 2016 at 05:34
Member since: 24 August 2016
Why do you wish to be in a relationship? Opening up to people is what a relationship is about. Stereotypes make us feel if we are alone we are lonely, but that's not true. Quite and minimal experience is honest, and i can work with that, if you can be honest with me.

What do you call "bad anxiety"? I have to hear it from you before i can continue, but you spelled it out.

You want to fix the problem, or do you wanna just "force" it because your tired of waiting?

Gotta address the issues at hand before moving on, otherwise your destined to repeat them over and over again.

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How to get a college boyfriend

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on Aug 28 2016 at 03:07
Member since: 28 August 2016
My advice for you is to relax and get ready for a whole new chapter of life. You're ABOUT TO START college at a big public school. You're going to the #1 easiest place on earth to find new friends and dating partners. And luckily for you--you're a girl. By your own description: a pretty and friendly one. For better or worse, society and biology have determined that guys have the primary responsibility of pursuit in the dating game. And at a big public college, there will literally be 1,000s of guys looking to a pursue you. If you've been there a year, and you're still alone, then you have some reason for concern. But right now, just get ready to likely receive more attention then you've ever had. Whether or not it comes from someone you're also interested in is your call. Good luck and have fun.

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