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What's wrong with me?

I've always ask myself "what's wrong with me?" why I am always starts in a good relationship then end up in a worst situation.I am not talkative but I know how to make friends easily through I am the first to talk to them and that's it.if they have no money I am the one who will insist to lend a money from me because I believe that if you have money then it doesn't matter who are they but the matter is I have money so that I can help them.yet I can lend money to them but the truth is I am as poor as to others like I can't even buy a uniform to our school maybe I am always the last.why a human is like that? it feels like maybe because the way I dress but I think my dresscode is formal.I don't know why they do not like me.I asked them and I only received a single answer.I didn't even curse.and unlike to others I am just simple and always do reviewing and I am the girl that have a good etiquette unlike to other women.instead of reviewing their notes they always go in the party and some of them has a baby but they were just only as the same age as me.what is wrong with it because I am not the same to them so that they do not want to make friends to it because I don't have a money.yes I can lend a money to those people but my parents has no stable job right now because of the that when you see me I don't have any branded things.why I end up this way?should I change myself?am I a weak person or a boring one?I have a self esteem and self confidence but I don't have any long time friends...

What's wrong with me?

How MANY people did you ask, of which gender, and what specifically WAS this matching answer of theirs? And also, is it possible you might have caught each person at a bad moment? Furthermore, surely if their answer had rung true in your mind, you wouldn't then have had to come on here to ask whether we think it's because of this or that?

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