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Life crisis

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I am going through a life crisis. I live at home with my parents and my brother. My sister moved out during her teen years. I am 22 studying health sciences at a local college. My parents are controlling, neglectful, needy, and never there for me when I really need support. They are frequently angry and have been physically abusive towards my siblings on at least two occasions.

I have recently been to visit with an aunt in Toronto and to see my cousins. I was there for 3 nights and just came home today. I cried tonight because it is so much nicer living with them than it is here. This happens every time i go see them when i come back i have trouble readjusting.

I have one more year in my school program and I know most people will be quick to say "finish school" but i am really on the fence with the program I am in it very stressful physically and psychologically.

I fantasize about what it would be like to live on a semi-permanent basis with my aunt in toronto but I don't know how to ask her.
Is it rude for me to ask? She has said that I am alway welcome and encourages me to come and visit, but whenever I hint that I would like to stay for a long time the conversation just sort of finds a way of ending. My dad has told me that she probably makes 200k per year and her partner more than that.

What about moving out from home and renting a room somewhere? Just to finally get a taste of what it is like to live seperate from my parents.

I should add I really don't have any friends, I am like harry potter before he went to hogwarts. Seriously don't fit in anywhere but I think I sort have sports in common with my cousins in Toronto.

Life crisis

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Yes. Get your own place. Finish your schooling.

Your aunt and uncle do not want to take on another "child" - and you aren't even a child any more.

Show everyone - and yourself - that you can live independently and get yourself ready for the future.

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