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Dick pics.. Am I overreacting or am I rightfully mad and should do something?!?

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Relationship advice So my bf and I have been togeather 4 yrs (5 in may) and we have a 2 yr old. We have been through ups and some horrible downs. For the most part things have been great. He cooks dinner most times, helped aout around the house pre kid...he's working on trying to do more around the house again since he agrees hes been slacking and I just cant do everything by myself ther just not enough time in the day. We bave both gain some weight the last 2yrs and have been slowly working on eating healthier.

I work 10 hr days and he works 9-10 hr nights. So we dont get alot of together time these days...or rather tbe last 3 yrs. A little over a year about I randomly got curious and looked through his phone which is super out of character for me. But i caught him sexting some random chick n sending dick pictures n saying I love you n miss you and junk. So of course I confronted him. We tslked snd cried and after he got over being mad for being in his phone he realized he fucked up and crossed a line. He cried and true appoligize and we were good...after some time i let it go.

But now i had gone into his phone looking for a specific picture (he took because I asked him to and my phone was dead at the time). I had asked him a couple tome to send it to me but he kept forgetting. So i went looking for that photo and found 2 recent dick pictures. And i did not get theses sent to me by him or nothing. So i looked through his phone to find he sent it to some random chick in a chat room for one of his games and she kinda ignored it whivh was good but i also noticed alot of random weird long distance numbers listed in his recent called/messaged section and all the txts have been deleted. I need some opinions. Am i being paranoid or over reacting? I dont care he chats with his game friends weather they are guys or girls but i dont think dick pics should be taken or shated to random people like that. It feels kinda like betrayal and makes me start wondering if im not attractive to him anymore or something but we have amazing sex so I'm not sure its that. Help! Please. I love him to death and we have a ring and an active plan for a house soon and just everything seems to be great. Just this issue going on here... that bugs me. (Afraid to talk to him about it because I'm afraid he will think i was snooping but honestly I was just looking for my picture.) I just think there should be nothing to hide in a relationship. That we should all be completely honest with each other. I mean he took snatch my phone outta my hand and go through it and Id have no issue. I have nothing to hide.

Dick pics.. Am I overreacting or am I rightfully mad and should do something?!?

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You are most correct when you state that there shouldn't be any secrets within a relationship. All successful relationships are based firmly on trust. Your BF's actions, both current and past, are basically betrayal. Sure, there's people and couples out there who see nothing wrong with sharing personal pics with others in chat rooms etc and it's a mutual thing, but your BF shouldn't be involved with it because he's in a relationship where he should be committed to you.

If he was 100% happy with you and with his relationship with you, he wouldn't need to sext other women or show his personal pics to anybody for the matter. You guys sorted this issue last time using communication and you will have to bring it up with him again to sort this time as well. He owes it you just as you owe it to yourself to confront him.

It's not so much about you over reacting, it's about your BF basically cheating and when his repeated actions, behind your back, make you feel unworthy and unattractive, then you need to realize that's where you're being betrayed.

It's all OK for him to trust you and you have nothing to hide from him but he needs to be totally upfront and tell you this time around why he continues to disrespect you, himself and your relationship together.

Dick pics.. Am I overreacting or am I rightfully mad and should do something?!?

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I work 10 hr days and he works 9-10 hr nights."

Is there are reason why you two are working so much? especially you? Can you go down to part-time?

A young couple with a 2 year old need to keep bonding together, since things can get in the way of the relationship.

I'm not giving him an excuse, but it seems that you two are not together enough and he's being mischievous.

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