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My mom is making me do school therapy?!?!

So i have a horrible temper like my mom and i admit i can be really nasty sometimes. But so my mom is making me do therapy in school. What do i do? When do i go? I don't want to get pulled out of class and have to tell all m friends why and what i was doing. Tomorrow my mom is chatting with some of my frien'ds moms and she's embarrase me and tell them what a crude child i am. Heres the thing, i'm mean to my family and really really nice and fun and helpful to my friends. Thats the problem, but my mom and i both have tempers (runs in the family) and we clash, but parent has authorities that childrem don't lol. But i'm gonna be so embarrased what do i do my mom already ruined a lot of my friendships shes gonna tell everyone and they're all gonne be laughing at me. She got mad yesterday because i spilled nail polish remover on the table but didn't damage anything, i ran to my room and started to cry my friend was there but i don't know if i was fake crying or acting or just crying in the moment. I ruined the day for my friend and my mom said to my friends parents that i was a nasty person and her parent believed her. BUt i am, though my mom says that she got mad because she told me not to spill anything but i didn't care enough and "forgot" about it saying that i didn't take her seriously. also i left cotton thingy on the talbe filled with nail polish remover and she yellerd a little more and it would have staine the table and she got really mad. I think when i did that i crosesed the line and now i'm doing therapy. She left a note saying 1st warning remember therapy and i think she wants me to do it tomorrow or there will be consequesnces help my dad thought so too he alwasy followed my moms word I think my mom was overreacting in yelling for the whole day because i didn't sstain anything and even though she said i did it on purpose or didn't care enough i genuinely didn't notice and everything was an accident. but i do think that yes i have a bad temper and that is also my fault, did she ovvereeact with the polish when and where do i go to therapy i wont know what to do I don't want to go to therapy but my mom says she will make my life miserable if i don't listen to her

My mom is making me do school therapy?!?!

Hello Akiko :-) This is growing up pains. So you have a temper. Who doesn't? How you manifest is what you are in trouble with now. Ok good, so, you mom leaves notes. Do the same... better if you can talk to her face to face, but notes are second best ;-) Write her a love letter. Say sorry, that you spilled the nail polish remover on the table, and that you'll try to be more careful the next time. And that you'll be mindful to clear up the cotton ball and also other stuff after you're done with what you're doing. Tell her you're sorry you upset her often and made her yell. Tell her you'll try to be a good daughter and that you love her. Tell her (and mean it) that you've decided to change for the better... Tell her to give you 3 days, observe if you're working for a "better behavior ". She can decide if you still need the therapy after the 3-day-observation. Remember to thank her for bringing you up. Then, straighten your mind. "I'm mean to my family and really really nice and fun and helpful to my friends" Just to let you know, you're not the only one. That's why it's called growing up pains :-) It's not alright, but it's ok. Here's what you can ponder on.. Why not try to be really really nice and fun and helpful to your family too? You know the story of Cinderella? Although she works really really hard and she was very badly treated, she looks lovely doesn't she? Why? Because she is gentle and loving, she does what needs to be done, so no one, no one can make her life miserable. And Akiko, you know you are better off than Cinderella, much much better off. Think like Cinderella, Be like Cinderella, And if you can't, Pretend you are Cinderella. Try, fake it till you make it. Many people believe it's easier to be mean, that it is easier to talk loud, talk rude and be nasty. You'll be surprised, if you make a little effort, it's not too hard to be nice to your family. You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. You're stuck with them the day you were born. So might as well make peace with them, so that you'll be happier. Make sense? That's being kind to yourself :-) Be kind to yourself. Blessings of love. ps. Your mom's temper is hers to work on. But you can show her how, by your actions ;-)

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