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Everybody hates me and makes fun of me

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Relationship advice In first place, I am a girl. I don't think I dress or look like a boy, but sometimes I act like one. And there's the problem. I am not a good looking girl, and everybody seems to use it as reason to hate me.

When I changed school, cuz of problems with classmates, I thought it might be fine in new school. First half of the first year on new school was fine, but then I found out everybody hated me since I've ever came to class for the first time. I survived last year pretty normally, but then, the last year of my middle school came and a new student as well. He's a boy and he is nice. It's just fourth day of school, and I aready feel so broken. I haven't fell for him!

On computer class he sat right on my PC (he didn't know, he's new), so I asked him to move. So he just moved one place to left, cuz he seemed like he wants to sit next to me. That lesson was pretty nice. He talked to me, not sarcastically (like quite everyone else) so I felt like I could finally have a classmate that would be nice to me (I have one, very good friend in this class so I am not totally 'friendless', but I still feel hated and lonely).

Well yeah. But then I went on toilet (the girls' one, ofc) and he saw me coming from there. And he started with things like: 'Oh! So you are girl. I couldn't say if you're a boy or girl. I am sorry. Don't be mad at me please.' and I was like so broken, that I could barely talk. I thought that he could be somebody to chat with, but I realised I am never gonna have more true friends. (I've got like 5 friends in total and everybody other seems to hate me). Then I just wanted to walk away, but he just still came up with his sorries, he hugged me, and asked if it's alright.

Well, I said yes, but then I came home and cried, cried, cried. I don't know if there is anything wrong with me that everyone thinks I am ugly, or a boy, or they just hate me, and I don't know why. I've got two questions. Do you think this new guy meant his sorry seriously? And is there a hope for me, that in high school, I will not be hated? (I lost all my hope these days and I would be happy for each nice comment) thanks. :)

Everybody hates me and makes fun of me

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"First half of the first year is fine..."
"Last year pretty normal..."
So school is not that bad.
It's got it's ups and downs.
I'm sure you're not bad looking.
"I don't think I dressed or look like a boy, but sometimes I act like one."
So what if others tease you, afterall sometimes you acted like a boy.
Nothing wrong with "sometimes I act like a boy"
I think it's cool! You can always hang out with the boys and play "their" games.
I believe the new guy is sincere with his apologies.
Be cool
Act cool
Think cool

Being cool means you're not easily bothered by the things other people say about you.

A smile is saying hello.
Smile when you're happy.
Smile when you feel silly.
Smile when you feel embarrassed.

You have 5 friends! You're lucky!
Some have none :-/
I'm serious :-|

Cheer up :-)

Everybody hates me and makes fun of me

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"Hate" is s very strong word.

Be sure YOU aren't giving off messages that reject other people.

It sounds like you want to express your femininity, but are afraid to lose your activity preferences ("act like a guy".

Study women athletes. They seem to blend the best of all attributes.

If you are upset about your appearance, consider a make-over.(new haircut, clothes and make-up)

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