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I don't know what to do anymore I feel emotionally drained by my friend, what should I do

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Relationship advice There is this friend of mine that I met roughly 8 months ago, girl about a year older than me, we tend to speak every day even if its just nonsense, mostly on Facebook because she had to leave to her home country, but now, she is back and we started talking a lot and seeing each other just like old times, I felt really happy for this until recently...

We agreed that we could hang out 2 days a week at a certain time (this matched my courses in college), right now she is doing her thesis and has as I believe enough time for us to see each other. Long story short, the first couple of weeks we meet as planned and nothing went wrong, I was so happy to see her again but then... after a while she started having excuses as to why she couldn't make it, and basically for the past 2 weeks I never saw her, and every time she had an excuse to back her up -I will write them at the end just in case someone thinks they are relevant-..., for instance...

She invited me to see a presentation about german culture, this event started right at the same time I finished my class for the day (6:00 pm) and lasted about 2 hours, so I go to the event (she was supposed to be there with a friend of hers) I didn't saw her, I texted her and she told me that she wasn't feeling well, that if she felt better she would go for a while, I said "ok, get better soon"... she didn't show up, neither told me she wasn't going, I stayed 3 hours longer than usual for this and she apologised for not going. Again we were supposed to meet this Monday but gave excuses this time because she wasn't showered and her appartment was a mess (according to her) so I felt pretty bad for not seeing her again this 3rd week (by this point i was feeling very bad, like she was not interested at all for us to meet), but this Monday she told me we could met at her apartment and eat together (again i was happy for this) only that i decided to confront her about our meetings and I told her that maybe we should just cancel our meetings, to what she immediately changed the subject

SO, after this I was very angry with her for ignoring what made me upset and I decided to ignore her during our one and only class together... because I really wanted her to see that I was angry about her not caring... then she as well started ignoring me in that class, we don't talk on Facebook chat, and yesterday... when we were supposed to eat at her appartment she said nothing of it at any time.

It's been three days and I hate to say this but I really feel lonely and very depressed for us not talking anymore, she doesn't seem bothered by this at all and that just makes me think that she was toying with me and never truly gave a damn. And I personally think she is at fault for ignoring something that upsets me by changing the subject to something irrelevant because when she was feeling sad or angry for some reason i was always there for her to support her.

I don't now If I should swallow my pride and tell her I wish to speak with her or keep quite and wait until she either realises or decides to ask why I'm upset...

(* She told me she wanted to go to the super market to buy stuff.. right when we are supposed to meet, she told me that her roomie was gonna drive her there, and that SHE (my friend) told her she needed to be at college at the time we are supposed to meet, she didn't came and told me that her roomie took ages with makeup and that when she asked my friend were to leave her at the university she told her to take her back to their apartment because as she said she didn't want her roomie to arrange everything by herself

(* She had a job interview, of course I won't say this is an excuse)
(* She told me that the sun is so hot and that she really has no other reason to go to college rather than see me, because another friend of her's has a class right when our hang out ends)

(*we saw each other this day, but she invited her friend I mentioned later and I wasn't really looking forward to this)

(*I told her maybe i could go to her apartment but she said and i quote "You can come if you want" "But 1.5 hours is very little time D:" (I have a class right after when we are supposed to meet)

I don't know what to do anymore I feel emotionally drained by my friend, what should I do

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Relationships at all levels...
Some for a reason
Some for a season
Some for life.

If you didn't miss out anything in your post... she's withdrawing from you.
If you really really need to know the reason, raise the question.
If she's being evasive (again), there's nothing you can do.
You can't force it.

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