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My heart is broken; I don't know what happened with him

We met 3 years ago on an app I felt comfortable with him and he too We were understanding each other after one year of our friendship he told me his feelings and he promised to wait 2 years for me but we did not want to have a deep romance relationship We only will wait so we can be together After that we had a problem together. He was thinking i am acting like a child and only wants attention So he blocked me (Before the block he said he is going for 3 weeks on a cruise) but i got mad a lot and sad So i went to search for him so i can find a way to contact him So i have found that he is on a dating website I was shocked and he was using it So i did a fake account to talk to him. And he replied and we talked for around 2 hours Later i told him that i am your gf's friend and he lied to her and broke his promise He did not believe it was my friend I tried to convince him And he talked me on fb again and was very mad I admit everything to him and he was mad for one week Then he messaged me if i still love him I told yes i do Then things back to normal. Before of our 2 years promise ends with 4 months He was very happy and things was really going great. He asked me to design a logo for him and things for his game And he said i am very glad to have you in my life and your special And he was going to have a soccer game he said he will play hard for me and win Then after one week he started to change all of sudden .He talked less to me And stopped talked for like 2 days I sent him a message about the most song that touch his heart Then messaged me in a very formal way Thats very private question i wont answer . Then he said i was busy those days becoz i was dating another girl and i am done with you and moved on You said you are coming but you did not and you should stop lying and i still think you are child and look for attention . Then i told him i dont want someone else He said i dont care And said his last goodbye . Note: he did not block me on fb or anywhere else and i messaged 2 times and he only reads the messages He used my logo i made for him as a profile pic He added his statue on fb in a relationship But i could not know who is she Also he is sick and have chronic desease and another desease It was strage he could date a girl this fast and move on all of sudden

My heart is broken; I don't know what happened with him

1) do you think he still wants the relationship with you? 2) if no, what should you do now? Do you agree that holding on will only cause more heartache? You can remove him from fb, and you can go out with your friends, join a fitness club, read an inspirational book, watch a movie, listen to music, go for a jog.... Strength to move on..

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